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  • Top 10 Prominent Radiologists - 2023

    Empowering Diagnosis through Technology Radiology is a medical specialty that focuses on the use of medical imaging techniques to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries within the human body. It involves the use of various imaging technologies to create visual representations of the internal structures and functions of the body. Common radiological imaging techniques include X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and nuclear medicine scans. These technologies enable healthcare professionals to visualize bones, organs, tissues, blood vessels, and other internal structures to diagnose conditions like fractures, tumors, infections, and various diseases. "Radiologists, The Physicians Behind The Images, Weaving The Tapestry Of...

Top 10 Prominent Radiologists - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Advantage Imaging And Research Institute Advantage Imaging And Research Institute Rochita Venkataramanan, Managing Director A hospital and health care company with an expert radiology diagnostic centre with advanced machines and an experienced team
Anyology Anyology Sangeeta Sharma, CEO & Director A company providing a wide variety of teleradiology services, including tele-cardiology and peer review services
 DeepTek DeepTek Amit Kharat, Co-Founder and CEO An innovative company offers radiology services more affordable and accessible by leveraging the techonology of AI
Dr. Glossy Sabharwal Dr. Glossy Sabharwal Glossy Sabharwa, Radiologist & Women Health Specialist An esteemed radiologist with international recognition, specialized in interventional radiology, women's health, infertility, pregnancy, and preventive care
Imaging Solutions Imaging Solutions Alok Dadhich, Founder and Director An organization working in marketing, distribution, sales, customer service and logistic support to the radiology and cardiac division of healthcare industry
Nidan Diagnostic & Research Centre Nidan Diagnostic & Research Centre Ashish Jain, CEO & Chief Radiologist A healthcare company offers a wide range of services, including radiology, pathology, diagnostic procedures and preventive health checkups
Radnest Teleradiology Radnest Teleradiology Dhaval Kulkarni, Co-founder & Director An experienced teleradiology organization, specialization in remote diagnosis of CT Scans, MRI, and X-Rays
 Telerad India Telerad India Shivram G. Iyer, Managing Director A organization offer efficient online reporting services in diverse countries with expertise in MRI, CT, ultrasound, dopplers, cardiac echo, mammograms and more
Teleradiologistics Teleradiologistics Ishan Goel, Founder & CEO An organization provides a rapid, on-demand remote-radiology reporting solution utilizing the Internet, specialized in CT, MRI reporting, X-ray and more
Teleradiology Solutions Teleradiology Solutions Arjun Kalyanpur, Founder A healthcare company provides teleradiology services including CT, MRI, Xray, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine, and echocardiograms reports, with over a decade of experience in the sector