Yaazh Xenomics: Decoding Life Cells via Genomic Sequencing & Next Generation DNA Testing Solutions

Suresh Lingam,Project Head

Suresh Lingam

Project Head

DNA, the master molecule of every cell, contains imperative information that passes through generations. When put to test, these thread-like chains of nucleotides inform about one’s ancestry, contemporary lifestyle and disease pre-disposition to food preferences. With the introduction of Nanopore MinION, latest third generation sequencing platform, identification of DNA bases is now portable, affordable and speedy process that delivers suitable results for real-time applications, thus creating a wave of excitement in the genomics community. Owing this avant-garde technology, Yaazh Xenomics delivers precise and perfect DNA testing results by customizing its testing and research services as per customer requisites.

Ensconced in 2010, Chennai-based Yaazh Xenomics offers complete genomic and sequencing services along with prognosis and diagnosis solutions by deploying the latest genomics equipments. Unlike normal diagnostics results, genome solutions inclusive of real-time PCR, Sanger Sequencing, Microbial Identification, Customized Gene Sequencing and many more, gives molecular biology confirmations by identifying the infecting agents accurately and proffers customized bioinformatics analysis. “It’s a high-end confirmative and final test which decides the viral load in your
system that helps in conferring right treatment and medication,” asserts Suresh Lingam, Project Head, Yaazh Xenomics.

Yaazh Xenomics delivers precise and perfect DNA testing results by customizing its testing and research services as per customer requisites

A Leader of Biotechnology
While DNA testing provides prognosis and acts as a confirmation test for many diseases, personal genomics testing helps diagnose rare disorders and mutations. For instance, Alpha Thalassemia can only be diagnosed through genomic test that further assists in rendering proper medication and thus minimizing the chances of hereditary disorder. When asked about genome analysis procedure, Suresh avers, “We take the patient's saliva for sample and perform the DNA analysis marker test that allows us to give direct plans, like nutrition, to patients so that they pay extra attention on their food intake”. Additionally by performing multiple tests, Yaazh Xenomics’ experts brief certain exercises and schedules to sports persons to reduce the risk of bone damage and heart failures.

Adding an extra coat of uniqueness is Yaazh Xenomics’ affordable costing benefit and holistic testing approach wherein it renders services ranging from basic testing to high-end testing including Whole Genome Sequencing & Whole Exome Sequencing, all performed using state-of-the-art technology in labs, PAN India. The company leverages technologies like Real
Time PCR, Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and SNP Genotyping, to name a few, for excellent and exact results.

The company follows internal and external quality control compliances while securing client’s confidential details. Since all the samples pass through bar-coding process before processing, generated by automated system, there is no loophole for breaches or sample contamination. Once the test is done, the reports are uploaded on cloud software for client to download it directly, only through logging access. Leveraging this online platform, the customers can place their orders for research, analytics and download it when required.

Endowing Results with Promised Precision
Though many hospitals own molecular diagnostics technology but only leading ones procure high-end tests like Next-generation sequence and Sanger sequencing. Yaazh Xenomics is tying up with hospitals to deliver this experience to students, researchers and doctors. Moreover, it provides medical support and research assistance to universities lacking laboratory provision by performing their sample tests in-house and delivering back the results for recertification and research.

Having served clients like ICMR, Bombay Hospital, IIT, Anna University and many more. Yaazh Xenomics manufacturers DNA testing kits for easy diagnosis of diseases like Dengue & Malaria while also developing new technologies, R&D and innovation in scientific research and genomic equipments. “Since IT is moving towards biological science for Big Data analysis, genomics will soon rule the world,” concludes Suresh.