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  • 20 Most Promising DNA Testing Clinics - 2018

     Globally, genetic testing ranks among the top 10 global consumer trends for 2018. Much to our surprise, DNA test kits were the hottest selling item during the last holiday shopping season in the US. According to a Report by Grand View Research, the global genetic testing market is expected to be valued at $4.6 billion by 2025 and foreseeing this big tech giants Google, last year developed a new tool called ‘DeepVariant’ to develop a better understanding of our genome. Humans are 99.5 percent the same, but the remaining 0.5 percent accounts for 30 million letters in the genetic code. Today, DNA testing is globally used to find solutions for the disorders people have and aims to lead a healthier lifestyle in future. But when you are done with the genetic screening,...

20 Most Promising DNA Testing Clinics - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aarogypro Healthcare  Aarogypro Healthcare Chandan Bhardwaj, Director Service provider of pathology lab items, DNA testing services & bench center in New Delhi
BioAxis DNA Research Centre BioAxis DNA Research Centre Dr. Amit Kumar, CEO & CSO DNA Testing and Sample collection products have been used at intelligence and crime branch Departments, Forensic Laboratories and Criminology labs. BDRC clients have enjoyed dedicated customer support and high quality consultation and advice from our experts
Corion Fertilify Clinic  Corion Fertilify Clinic Kaushal Kadam, Medical Director Providers of sterile kits for the couples to get the test done and after sending them, the report can be expected within 10 days
DDC Laborataries India DDC Laborataries India Richard F Lee, Director Run by a group of professionals, it is a recognized name in field of DNA testing doctors, medical and more
DNA Forensics Laboratory DNA Forensics Laboratory Rajesh Kumar Arya, COO India's first Private Lab and provides A-grade solutions with the help of highly qualified staff, updated technology and extensive molecular diagnostic network
DNA Labs India    DNA Labs India Ravi Kiran Reddy, Founder Focusses on revolutionizing patient care through the development and marketing of transformative tests
EasyDNA EasyDNA Andrew Alexander, Marketing Manager Laboratory which follows strict quality assurance to make sure that all the results achieve the level of accuracy required
Eurofins Clinical Genetics Eurofins Clinical Genetics Surendra K Chikara, Executive Director It offers a portfolio of over 150,000 analytical methods for analyzing the safety, identity, composition, authenticity and many more
Indian Biosciences Indian Biosciences Dr. Kulmohan Singh Mehta , Founder An independent DNA testing company which provides a level of professionalism and customer service seldom seen in the DNA Testing, paternity testing or medical services arenas
Labassure Labassure Vaidehi Jobanputra, Founder & President A global standard genomic diagnostic organisation working in the complex areas of genetics and helping patients gain accurate results through experience & advanced technology
LabsAdvisor LabsAdvisor Ashish Bhatia, CEO A platform that brings patients and providers together in an easy, reliable and transparent manner by making diagnostic testing as painless as possible
Mapmygenome     Mapmygenome Anu Acharya, CEO A molecular diagnostics company which provides personalized health solutions based on genetic tests
Positive BioScience Positive BioScience Samarth Jain,, CEO & Co-Founder Provides personalized health solutions based on the genetic information. Integrates advanced technology and customized data algorithms to analyze genetic testing results
Life Cell Life Cell V. Ravi Shankar, CMO One of the largest stem cell banks in India and with a trusted parent count of over 3,00,000. Also, an accredited stem cell bank with certifications from national and international standards
Sai BioSystems     Sai BioSystems Dr.Dilip Gore, Director A leader in Bioinformatics and Data analysis services. Provides research consultancy and also training to growing scientist, students and faculties from all biological fields
Truth Labs Truth Labs Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, Chairman Helps victims of Crime and Injustice by providing Scientific Investigation and Detective services using modern Forensic tools and techniques at affordabel costs with International Quality
Unity Hospital   Unity Hospital C. P. Habeeb Rahman, Chairman & Medical Director Completely devoted to good corporate authority and believes in the absolute contentment of its patients, investors, employees and regulatory authorities
Xcode Xcode Saleem Mohammed, Founder A biotechnology company which offers a variety of tests from nutrition and fitness to someone's genetic predisposition to certain diseases and metabolic conditions
Yaazh Xenomics Yaazh Xenomics Suresh Lingam, Project Head Providing third generation genomics testing solutions, integrated with customization, high-end technology and research expertise