• Lilac Insights: India's First of its Kind Genetic Health Assessment & Diagnostic Center
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    Lilac Insights: India's First of its Kind Genetic Health Assessment & Diagnostic Center

    Life often changes faster than we think. Rohan Malhotra, an industrious and talented individual working for a large MNC in Bangalore was doing fairly well for himself and the family. With his wife recently giving birth to their first child, their life was finally complete with utmost happiness and colorful dreams about the baby. It took no time for their happiness to take a U-turn, shattering all their expectations, as the newborn was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome on birth. They were told that the baby will lead a life of developmental abnormalities with significant mental & physical retardation. Rewinding few months, if they had performed a prenatal genetic screening test, this predicament could have been averted. It in fact was too late when they came to know that the genetic...


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