Westminster Healthcare: A High-End & Luxurious Healthcare Hub Treating Patients with Unparalleled Hospitality

Prema Subaskaran,Chairperson

Prema Subaskaran


In an exclusive conversation with siliconindia, Prema Subaskaran (Chairperson, Westminster Healthcare) has elucidated her insights on the current diagnostics industry in India and also on the role of Westminster Healthcare in setting a benchmark over its competitors. Explore the following excerpts!

What are the features about your company, Westminster Healthcare, that is unique in the industry?
Westminster Healthcare is a new healthcare facility with a clear vision: the way you are treated is as important as the treatment itself. For the first time ever in India, we bring together the science of healthcare and the art of hospitality, creating a new benchmark in five-star healthcare in India. This combination allows us to offer a highly customer-centric experience across the full journey to help remove the anxiety that many feel when situations regarding health arise.

At our flagship 70,000sq.ft. medical centre, we work to British standards, protocols and clinical guidelines and our scope of services include Cardiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, ENT, Gynaecology, Chest medicine, Bariatrics and weight loss, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Sports medicine, super-specialty dentistry and diagnostics, endoscopy and day care surgery. We also have a strong focus on preventive healthcare and providing rapid access for clients who are time-poor. Screening services, including MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, X-rays and more, are available at our centre, and health records are accessible through any hand-held device anywhere in the world. This is particularly useful for frequent travellers, who can access their medical results and details abroad.

Our consultation rooms are fitted with video conferencing facilities, which mean we have access to second opinions from our world-class medical experts in our 'LycaHealth' clinic in London. This collaborative process ensures that the people who visit Westminster Healthcare always have access to the best medical minds around the world. Our aim is to continue to expand so we can offer our premium, customer-centric healthcare to people around the world.

According to MarketsandMarkets, global diagnostics market is expected to reach $36.43 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 6.6percent. What are your strategies to leverage this huge business opportunity?
We have identified a gap at the high end of the market, where the more discerning client is not fully satisfied with the current offering available. This is a high value market and our strategy is to target this client base by adding significant value to what they are currently getting with only a marginal increase in the price point.

We work in collaboration with doctor's groups and other healthcare providers in Chennai to
support patients with their particular problem, finding the best clinician with the most experience of a particular health issue. We offer added value to the patient through exceptional user experience - whether it is VR glasses on the dentist’s chair, a movie during an MRI test or a medical concierge service - we go above and beyond to offer the best service to our patients.

"We have identified a gap at the high end of the market,where the more discerning client is not fully satisfied with the current offeringavailable"

What additional value do your services offer to clients/customers that other similar services in the market fail to deliver? Explain your USP.
One of the main differences between Westminster Healthcare and other similar services is that we put huge focus on making the healthcare journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. As a result of our LycaHealth centres, we have access to top medical experts in the UK – something that is unique to Westminster Healthcare.

We also offer a product called the Total Health Report(THR). This is a comprehensive health check with detailed customisation and is a unique offering of Westminster Healthcare. THR is a personalised client relation service that allows patients to schedule appointments with doctors and for other diagnostic treatments, minimises the waiting time between tests and consultations, provides the option of organising travel, allows patients to set preferences for meals during visits, offers chaperone services for clients who travel alone and much more.

Furthermore, we also offer First Health Membership, an annual programme that is designed to keep patients in good health with unlimited consultations and diagnostics throughout the year, including complimentary (conditions apply) physiotherapy, gymnasium access and medispa sessions. There are discounts on procedures too.

Tell us about the major diagnostic services your company offers, and briefly explain your flagship offering.
Our Westminster Healthcare clinic features state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. We have a 3T MRI scanner and a 128 slice CT scanner that provide high-quality imaging with an ultra-low radiation dose. Similarly, we provide mammograms with low radiation, ultrasound and Doppler scanners to scan technically difficult patients, DEXA scans with third generation DXA technology, and low radiation digital X-ray, providing the highest quality results with the most experienced radiologists to interpret them. We can also call upon our medical experts and research facilities in the UK for a second opinion when required.

Beyond this, our world-class scanning and other imaging areas come with mood lighting and decor that makes for a refreshing change from the norm. Patients can even watch Tamil movies with a 'VR' periscope, while resting within the scanner, taking their mind-off the anxiety of the scan experience.

How are you blending medical care and hospitality? Also, how do you ensure the quality of medical equipment used in your diagnostic services?
Westminster Healthcare models its ambience and service standards on the hospitality industry. Patients
receive a five-star frontline experience (including a concierge and catering service) and we ensure that the tests and consultations are scheduled according to the client’s convenience, not ours. The power of the latest technology is enhanced by our unique, customer-centric approach. We have invested in the latest medical equipment supported by a skilled team of caring and committed professionals.

Have you partnered with any hospitals of healthcare institutions to provide your diagnostic services? Also, name some of your clients, along with a case study for reference.
Yes, we have partnered with multiple healthcare providers and well-known doctor teams for certain complex and more involved operative treatments. For example, we are excited to be working with Prof. Mohamed Rela & Dr. Anil Vaidya and Dr. Geetha Haripriya of Prasanth hospitals to name only a few. We believe that leveraging on each other’s strengths will get the best results in terms of clinical and overall experience outcomes for our high-end clients from Chennai and those who visit the city for medical tourism.

What are the pain-points that your customers come-up to you with? How do you help them through these challenges?
Most of the time, the right treatment plan can involve multiple specialties with several different options and opinions. We help to navigate these complexities by concierging appropriately. Our teams of doctors work together in an interdisciplinary manner, to provide a holistic approach to well being. If required, we also provide second opinions from our doctors in the UK.

Is there any innovation or upgradation currently happening in your company that might be reflected in the way you provide your services?
We are currently working on our app, which can keep patients updated on their health, send reminders for check-ups, provide home healthcare, store all records and provide direct access and communications with doctors. We are also attempting to make it easier for people originally from Tamil Nadu, South India, Sri Lanka and those living abroad in the UK, France and other countries, to look after their loved ones living in South India and Sri Lanka, by paying for their care in the UK and being kept abreast of their progress regularly. We also wish to educate our clients to empower them with the latest advancements, so they can access evidence-based preventive, primary and secondary level care.

Tell us about the recent revenue growth, and the future roadmap of your company?
We expect this business model to be successful, although it is still early days – we started only six months ago. We do wish to expand our operations to have three-five high-end Westminster Healthcare centres within the next five years in major Indian cities like Mumbai & Bangalore. In the near future, we wish to establish a social enterprise to provide low-cost accessible healthcare as a separate model. We feel that it is imperative that people of all incomes have access to medical facilities and expertise and this is something we are building into our business model. We would also like to establish close links with certain UK universities for our training and teaching academy.