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  • 10 Most Promising Diagnostic Centers in Tamil Nadu – 2018

    The medical industry is constantly on the crux of innovation and negating the concept of innovation for its growth is not only foolhardy but highly juvenile. As the concept takes root from somewhere, medical industry too has its roots predominantly sunk in the diagnostics industry which helps the high end hospitals take the first step of the treatment and that is, diagnosis. From a simple cold to critical ailments, diagnostic centres take the first step towards a wholesome treatment and while in the quest of providing a solution, also assists the medical establishments streamline their treatments, adopting a step by step approach. Currently the market is undergoing a paradigm shift of not only facilitating the medical guidance but also incorporating the customer experience to...

10 Most Promising Diagnostic Centers in Tamil Nadu – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aarthi Diagnostics Aarthi Diagnostics Dr. S.T. Swamy, Director A specialty clinical referral-laboratory, mainly focusing in value-based diagnostics with exclusive equipment to investigate and explore Nipah, H1NI, Ebola and dengue
Anderson Diagnostics Anderson Diagnostics Dr. Anand.K, Managing Director A physician driven enterprise providing complete imaging solutions and speciality laboratory services under one roof, reinforcing it with cuttingedge technology in clinical diagnostics with the aim to improving healthcare
Clarity Imaging Centre Clarity Imaging Centre Dr. K.S. Murugan, Founder The first-of-its-kind diagnostic centre that offers state-of-the-art diagnostics services, including high field MRI, and Cardiac CT scan among several others
Hi Tech Diagnostics Hi Tech Diagnostics Dr. S.P. Ganesan, Medical Director Backed by a highly experienced team, center engages in accurate diagnostic services with proper equipments, high quality reagents, strict internal and external quality assessment and control
Medall Medall Raju Venktaraman, Managing Director The healthcare pioneer strives to help, serve and solve the healthrelated challenges of customers and provide the highest level of diagnostic confidence to referral physicians
PMK Scan PMK Scan Dr. S.K. Kausalya, Head Pathologist The center was setup with the primary mission of bringing preventive care from diseases through early detection through its abled team of 30 Paramedical staffs
Premier Health Center Premier Health Center Janardhanan, Founder & Chairman Furnishes patients with a fleet of affordable diagnostic tests, packages & special health checkups entailing rapid TAT & unparalleled results in a transparent & customer-oriented fashion
Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics Venkatkrishna AS, Director A medical diagnostics leader that provides precise and reliable 4D ultrasound scans, digital X-rays and lab tests for correct diagnosis and timely patient care
Westminster Healthcare Westminster Healthcare Prema Subaskaran, Chairperson With emphasis on making the patients’ healthcare journey comfortable & stress-free, the technology-focused centre commingles healthcare with hospitality to provide a holistic approach to their well being