• Techmed Healthcare: Pioneering an Innovative Hospital Lab Management Paradigm
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    Techmed Healthcare: Pioneering an Innovative Hospital Lab Management Paradigm

    It’s a hopeful omen that Indian medical diagnostic industry is silently transforming into the ‘preventive healthcare’ epoch, propelling hospitals to invest heavily on diagnostic technologies & tools. But when technology wins the race, manpower gest on to the back foot, as the knowledge & skill gap in labs remains unsolved. The rationale behind the recent Supreme Court judgment, which states that a Laboratory Report can be countersigned only by a registered medical practitioner with a postgraduate qualification in pathology, is no different. Thus, when it comes to the business end, despite the heavy investments, hospitals fail to meet even the ROI, making the investigation services further costly as they are run by technicians. For instance, if a latest equipment enables 800...


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