Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics: High-Quality, Patient-Centric Diagnostics Center in Chennai

Venkatkrishna AS,DirectorRising health complications due to changing lifestyles call for upgradation, accessibility and affordability in the field of medical diagnostics. A 2011-established, Chennai-based diagnostic center Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics perfectly fits these requirements. This diagnostic center leverages affordable diagnostic services to address the unmet healthcare needs of a resource-constrained market like India, earning it the prestigious tag of 'the preferred second review center' for validating complicated medical anomalies.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics Setup
Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics accommodates sophisticated digital ECG/EEG facilities, Echo & Doppler Scans, Digital X-rays, Multi-slice spiral CT scanner with low-radiation and high-definition image series. What tops the list is its FIRST (Foetus Image Rendering Support Terminal) technology 4D scans that enable an expectant mother in 20-26 weeks of pregnancy to get a magical view of her unborn child in real-time movements. Wouldn’t any expectant mother be on cloud nine watching her unborn baby
thumb-sucking or smiling divinely? These 4D scans also enable the accurate treatment of several non-functional physical anomalies.

"Simplified medical reports and feedback forms ensure patient satisfaction and adequate remedial measures for service improvement"

The center houses a pathology laboratory, which is fully bar-coded and computerized to ensure end-to-end sample traceability and avoid human errors. Critical patients and CT patients are provided free ambulance facilities. The center also offers House visit services for collection of laboratory samples from patients. Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics provides the much-needed privacy for patients with well-segmented scanning and lab spaces. The spacious waiting area and the clean, hygienic environment enhance patient and employee experiences.

Streamlined Systems
Assisted by two decades of experience in the medical domain and eight years of leadership presence in medical diagnostics, the center operates 24x7 to cater to the core diagnostic needs of patients in Chennai. Meticulously streamlined appointment and communication systems, convenient telephonic appointment facilities, and a patient-friendly assistance system right from entry till the disbursement of reports eliminate undue waiting time and increase patient comfort.

Patients can avail their electronic medical records, which are easily accessible on the center’s website anytime from anywhere. Simplified
medical reports and feedback forms ensure patient satisfaction and adequate remedial measures for service improvement.

Best Workplace Systems & Practices
The ISO 9001:2015 and NABH-practices in Samyuktha Health & Diagnostics excels in providing accurate medical reports on time so that even other scan centers and doctors in the locality send their patients to Samyuktha Health & Diagnostics for getting 'second opinion'. The center specializes in customizing healthcare packages based on the age, gender, profession and lifestyle of patients to improve the quality of preventive healthcare.

The center offers customized training for its employees and encourages them to enroll in online courses and conferences for continuous updates on current global practices in the medical diagnostics sector. Employees are rewarded regularly to motivate them towards excellence. Well-laid HR policies keep the employees happy, while free yoga classes are offered to everyone associated with the center.

With ‘Early diagnosis for easy cure’ as its motto, the center is committed towards holistic patient-centric healthcare and stamps its footprint nationally & globally, with current operations in Chennai, Singapore and Malaysia. Venkatkrishna AS, Director, Samyuktha Scans, asserts, “We are moving towards implementing new technology and franchise models to offer accessible and affordable quality healthcare to the vast unexplored rural segment in our country”.