RankTech: Catapulting the Healthcare System to Stay Ahead in the 21st Century

Anil P. Kastuar,, Managing Director

Anil P. Kastuar,

Managing Director

An ever looming cloud in a densely populated country like ours is the difficulty of finding a healthcare facility which saves us time, and caters to our medical necessities without going through the hassle of taking appointments with the doctors, waiting in queuesor travelling long distances. The very problem is magnified in rural areas where people seldom have basic medical requirements. To resolve these issues, RankTech Solutions has put forth a plethora of services ranging from a 'call management system' to ease the workflow in hospitals, to a ‘face-to-face visual interface’, which bring the doctor to our doorstep.

Visual Solutions for Appeasement
Implementing its intelligent skill based call management engine, RankTech has devised a platform to perform end-to-end tasks in hospitals, right from online appointment booking, help desk notification, e-Prescription management, complete medical record maintenance and payment processing to discharge. Further use cases of this engine involves notifying doctors, patients &the help desk on patient’s arrival at the facility, and sending the prescription to the patients’ electronic device, following treatment. Designed to be highly
flexible, this tele healthcare engine can be optimally utilized across specialties in larger & smaller healthcare establishments alike, resolving their infrastructural constraints.

Designed to be highly flexible, this telehealthcare engine can be optimally utilized across specialties in larger & smaller healthcare establishments alike, resolving their infrastructural constraints

Being the world’s first enterprise to successfully deploy its video solutions at IndusInd bank, the company drew attention of the giants like Barclays and Bank of America, who adopted their idea by implementing similar solution at their own banks. Banking on this experience, RankTech developed its ‘face-to-face visual interface’ that manages the doctor-patient communication, irrespective of their locations, therefore mitigating the geographical restrictions faced by the rural populous. Built on the famous Web RTC platform, this interface is not only used for communication purposes but also for intra employee collaborations, and other extended enterprise purposes. Already a leader in its own rights, RankTech has also partnered with an American company named 'Vidyo' to provide comprehensive value added digital business platforms blended with their video for B2B & B2C engagements ,which makes it one of the very few companies providing more than one video business platforms in the country.
With the prime intention of reaching rural & remote areas of the country even when the doctor is on travel, this Kolkata based venture uses VoIP, email, audio & other mediums which take low internet bandwidth to function, and reaches the nook & cranny of the country on all platforms like mobile, tablet & browsers. To secure the database as safe as possible, RankTech uses SSL and 128 bit encryption as well. The NASSCOM 10,000 startup that rebranded itself from ‘Rank Consultancies’ to 'RankTech' in 2017, is now a part of the 'Registrar of Companies, India', which helps it to be recognized on a global scale.

Global foreshadowing
Having Airtel as business partner in India and Vidyo as technology partner, the profound intentions of the company can be seen coming to fruition in rural areas of Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and other tier two cities, where doctors from renowned hospitals are utilizing the tele healthcare services to treat the children and the needy. Stretching its wingspan of partnerships from Bangladesh to Nigeria, RankTech is lending its helping hand internationally and has consequently won the ‘Global CEO Excellence 2017’award by CEO monthly magazine(U.S.)among other recognitions. To retain an enterprise level picture,RankTech has moved further to augment its platform into SaaS model, integrate interesting features(biometric recognition of patients, medical device integration monitoring vitals & so on) and upgrade database security & customer experience apace with the rapidly growing industry.