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    A study conducted by ASSOCHAM states that the Indian telemedicine industry has been growing at an exponential rate of 20 percent year over year and holds the potential to cross $32 million mark by 2020 from the current mark of over $15 million. In a nation where limited resources and congested population lives in remote and rural areas, telemedicine holds the power to bring about the shift in the healthcare paradigm through its power of virtual accessibility. This surpasses the geographic limitations and socio-economic contradictions that plague the majority of the society Telemedicine has the knack to cut down one of the major hindrances in the Indian medical scenario that is the appalling amount of late treatment cases and medical negligence. This new innovation today is...

10 Most Promising Telemedicine Service Provider - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Gem3s Technologies Gem3s Technologies M Michael Allwyn, Co-Founder & Director - Business Operations Offering telemedicine platform with systematized and interoperable data collection strategies for hospitals and healthcare institutions
GlobalMed GlobalMed Joel E. Barthelemy, CEO A global leader in offering a wide range of telemedical services that include elemedicine stations, examination cameras, connected medical devices, video conferencing and software that allow for connected care
HD Medical HD Medical Arvind Thiagarajan, Inventor & CEO A medical R&D firm empowering medical practitioners & organisations with cutting-edge products specialising in screening and early detection of cardiac conditions
Indian Health Organisation Indian Health Organisation Manasije Mishra, Managing Director Offering comprehensive diagnostics and treatment via telemedicine with well-trained, in-house doctors, and elaborate offline partnerships
KRIA KRIA Dr. Balaji Utla, CEO A technology enabled & research driven healthcare services company bringing world class telemedicine services to public sector
RankTech RankTech Anil P. Kastuar,, Managing Director Pioneering the call management and face-to-face visual interface technology in telemedicine, turning heads and winning accolades along the way
Rijuven India Rijuven India Dr. Raj Kapoor, President , Arun Kant, COO A medical innovation company and a global leader in new healthcare models that integrates health, mobile and cloud technologies that has introduced Smart telemedicine concept in India with a mission to transform and revolutionize healthcare through innovative medical products and services
Vidmed Vidmed Dr. Praveen Vadlamudi, Founder India’s first Pharmacy based Telehealth company legally enabling consumers to consult a Doctor virtually and receive medicines through Pharmacists with a valid prescription via mail and SMS
World Health Partners World Health Partners Gopi Gopalakrishnan,, President A non profit organisation that essentially focuses on bringing technology & healthcare together to serve the neglected & underserved rural people in India