Premier Health Center: Outstretches Customers' Expectations with the Inclusion of Cutting-Edge Tests & Packages

Janardhanan,Founder & Chairman


Founder & Chairman

Entrenched in the diagnostics at home bracket is Premier Health Center (PHC), pioneering as one of the finest diagnostic centers in Chennai that offers convenience of home sample collection at usual price and at no extra charges to its patients. Besides ensuring the best of its services, PHC also endeavours to comprehend and gratify each patient’s requirement by outstretching their expectations. “The infusion of brand's new cutting-edge technologies into our diagnostic services and the urge to introduce new tests clearly presents our customers with results of an uncompromised quality in a transparent and customer-oriented fashion,” asserts Janardhanan, Founder & Chairman, PHC.

Etching its presence in the industry since 40 years, PHC never disregarded to conform to its ethics and original vision of crafting the best in diagnostics at affordable prices. Across the 24 branches in Chennai, the firm is fully automated and equipped with the latest technologies to bring-out accurate results and promote health & well-being of people. Especially its main center is operated by an efficient team of 120 technicians and well networked with the other centers via online reporting. No wonder PHC has been acknowledged by Government and numerous hospitals for its successful ventures and diagnostic services for over a decade.
"PHC has been acknowledged by Government and numerous hospitals for its successful ventures and diagnostic services for over a decade"

Diversified Diagnosis & Health Checkups
With all its centers being individual customer-friendly labs and not sample collection centers, PHC administers them on a daily basis and ensures to generate accurate reports for all the conducted tests. Subjects like Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Serology, Cytology (including Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology), Histopathology, Hormone Assay and many more are adeptly dealt at these laboratories. Furnished with state-of-the-art pathology & imaging devices, the firm extends its expertise in rendering pathology tests & radiological services like Digital X-ray, Audiometry, PFT, 4D Ultra Sonography, Colour Doppler, Echo, Tread Mill Test, Pulmonary Function Test, ECG, EEG and a lot more. Also, PHC conducts special health checkups for diabetes, heart diseases and other ailments and also specific checkups for children, women, senior citizens, corporates and others. Especially for corporates, the firm offers tailor-made pre-employment health checkups entailing a bevy of laboratory tests and a medical examination to determine the candidate’s medical fitness for employment. Moreover, PHC crafts Health Buddy Cards under three categories (Premier Elite, Silver & Gold) for customers to maintain a long-lasting relationship with the Premier family.
Timely & Top-Notch Results
To meticulously cater the needs of corporate and association clients, PHC owns a dedicated team that performs impeccable medical checks and also an exclusive customer care team to answer their queries. Samples from patients are in fact collected in groups by the firm’s most courteous staff through onsite camps. Distinctly, the firm accomplishes rapid turnaround times for tests and packages, and also mails the soft copies of reports to patients before distributing the hard copies in person. In order to ascertain that these reports are accurate,PHC provides adequate training to employees, adheres to proven procedures and meets & exceeds customer requirements with total commitment. Also being an ISO 9001 organization,it never failed to adhere to the most stringent QA standards and employs internationally acclaimed quality monitoring systems in all the aspects of its services.

Keen in being a part of the society and helping the poor & needy who are unable to avail diagnostic services, PHC is associated with various NGOs and non-profitable organizations to launch free medical camps and also relentlessly fosters innovation and growth in the field of diagnostics.