Phoenix Associates: On a Mission to Stop Hospital associated Infections through Innovative Medical Inventions

Joseph Samuel,     Director

Joseph Samuel


Modern healthcare involves many types of medical devices that are required to treat patients and help them recover fast. Reusable invasive devices and procedures are one of the major causes of hospital associated infections. Medical devices such as catheters, ventilators, bed sheets, gauze swabs and other kinds of drapes that are used in hospitals are infectious too. When a patient is admitted to a hospital for any surgery, he/she might end up catching catheter associated urinary tract infections or ventilator associated pneumonia or central line associated blood infections. The modern day solution to prevent the spread of HAI is to provide the patients with sterilized disposable products. This is where medical device distributors like our company come to the rescue.

At Phoenix we provide high quality innovative surgical and medical products that are not only advantageous but also provide value for money. The company focuses on quality of the products and also follows all crucial guidelines that are required to make the environment better. An experienced research team implements state of the art technology to manufacture innovative products that are easy to use and affordable.

‘Our mission is to stop the spread of Hospital associated infections (HAI) by offering good
quality surgical and medical products to all our clients,’ says Joseph Samuel, Director, Phoenix Associates.

In early medicine linen was the material that was being used in most hospitals for surgical purposes. Linen is a reusable material, and became one of the major causes of spreading HAI. To bring an end to such mishaps, Phoenix Associates distributes various disposable surgical drapes and surgical packs that are efficient and affordable. Currently, one of the most common infections that patients en d up having are catheter associated infections. To prevent this spread the company offers a unique invention noble metal coated catheters. Furthermore, all their disposal medical products are thoroughly sterilized.

One of the prime reasons why the company is trusted by major medical institutions is their groundbreaking customer support management

In order to move our customers from conventional methods to modern preventive alternatives we are providing innovative equipment. Our biggest challenge is to provide high end medical devices at an affordable price rate, which we have been able to overcome so far,’he adds. Apart from disposable medical equipment, the company also offers durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, nebulizers, vaporizers, pulse oximeters, weighing machines, airbeds and many more. The idea behind selling such durable medical equipment is not only to cater to hospitals, but also to help patients with at home benefits where they get high end medical support to recover in their homes.

The company has a huge customer base in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Phoenix Associates is offering quality medical products to many major hospitals in these two states. One of the prime reasons why the company is trusted by major medical institutions is their ground breaking customer support management. They serve their clients through direct emails, specialized customer support staff and sales representatives. Even during crisis periods like the Covid19 pandemic, the company left no stone unturned to provide medical equipment and constant support to their clients 24/7.

The future of Phoenix Associates looks bright as they are currently eyeing collaborating with international companies that are spearheading infection prevention to stop HAI within the next few years.