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  • 10 Most Promising Healthcare Distributors - 2022

    Healthcare is the largest service sector in India in terms of both revenue and employment. The Indian healthcare sector provides quality healthcare for 1.3 billion+ population. The industry witnessed numerous path breaking trends in the last decade. Merger of engineering and medicine is one such trends driving the disruption and growth of healthcare industry. Rising income level, greater health awareness, increased precedence of lifestyle diseases and improved access to insurance are the key contributors of the sector. The hospital care industry, e-health market and medical tourism are flourishing in India, which is directly impacting the healthcare industry. The e-health market size is estimated to reach $10.6 billion by 2025. Indian medical tourism market was valued at $2.89...

Top 10 Most Promising Healthcare Distributors - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ATOR Healthcare ATOR Healthcare Darshil Shah , VP - Supply Chain & Strategy Developing best-in-class maneuverability to offer prompt tech-driven service to ensure clients demands are fulfilled to the fullest
Dvijay Pharma Dvijay Pharma Vijay Dinani, Managing Director Offers complete therapeutic segment wise Product Mix Covering entire Super Specialty drugs from reputed Pharmaceutical Companies of Indian & Multinationals
Euphoria Healthcare Euphoria Healthcare Prapul Gondy, Co-Founder Emgaged in importing, manufacturing, supplying, exporting, whole saling and service providing of pharmaceutical medicines
Gaia Pharmaceutical Trade Gaia Pharmaceutical Trade Eran Niv, Founderm & CEO An authorized distributor for some of the leading Indian and Multinational Pharmaceutical companies
Jay  Pharma Jay Pharma Mitesh Chokshi, Director An authorized distributor for some of the leading Indian and Multinational Pharmaceutical companies
Maiden Distributers Maiden Distributers Vinay Goel, CEO & COO A distribution company of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, babay care and nutreceutical products
Meher Distributers Meher Distributers Gilan Ferzandi, Managing Director Delivers more than 23,000 products to more than 6,500 retailers and also cater to more than 50 institutions
Phoenix Associates Phoenix Associates Joseph Samuel, Director A medical device distribution company that provides high quality,innovative, advantageous and affordable surgical and medical products
Zenex International Zenex International V V Mannapur, Founder Distributes Specialty medicines that include Anti-Infective, Anesthesia, Vaccines/ Immunoglobulins, Cardiology, Narcotics, Schedule-X, Nephrology, Antidotes, Oxytocin, Parenteral Nutrition, and Covid Medicines