MyDIETist: A Consultative Nutrition Application Guiding Users towards a Healthier Life Style

Prachi Parekh, Founder, CEO & Head of Nutrition .

Prachi Parekh

Founder, CEO & Head of Nutrition .

Reena Ahuja was apprehensive about resorting to gruelling diet plan and was looking for a health regime that would not clash with her demanding professional life. MyDIETist, a virtual, automated and consultative application, created a customized health plan that would morph into her busy lifestyle and help achieve a healthier modus vivendi. Prachi Parekh, Founder, CEO & Head of Nutrition, MyDIETist, and an experienced dietician, explains, “MyDIETist is more than a calorie counting application. Available on Play Store and iStore, it comprises of our propriety smart algorithm that provides the free best fit diet plan based upon the user’s description and requirement”. MyDIETist diligently (under the expert opinion of its dietician panel) charts out a personal demographic of each user where he/she defines a weight goal and decide on the right diet plan which is analysed to help user understand the root cause.“That is where the application also helps them to get more engaged by understanding how to get healthy and tasty food,” informs Prachi.
Health Comes First

A UK report claims women with a tailor-made diet plan lost 23 percent more weight than those on superficial diet. MyDIETist app understands the vitality of the correct diet plan and offers one at free-of-charge upon downloading. Taking complete ownership of the client’s health & nutrition, the company offers premium packages (for customers looking at a consultative approach pertaining to medical issues) where dieticians involve with users thorough consultation via Skype, or WhatsApp calls where their complete diet record, medical understanding & issues, and likes & dislikes are noted, and fabricate a customized diet plan that is approved by Prachi before revealing. Even an explanation of the current diet plan is offered. “This eliminates travel time and encourages an interactive session on why a particular diet is being suggested,” adds Prachi.

MyDIETist understands the clientele requirement and acts as family dietician that focuses on preventive measures, resulting in almost 100 percent renewal rates

A diet plan differs from client to client on the basis of requirement, affordability and their familiarity with the Indian palate. Here, MyDIETist relies on customization by offering various packages like
'Believe it' (monthly plan),'Discover it'(quarterly plan),'Explore it' (half yearly plan), and ‘Live it’ (yearly) which can be chosen by the clients based on their target goal. Prachi explains, “Based on the customize button, you can go ahead and play around with options based on systems algorithms, thereby ensuring that your overall diet and health plan is still balanced”. Taking a step further, the company has partnered with few path labs to get its clients’ Vitamins levels checked for creating a better & effective diet plan.“We also conduct seminars at hospitals & schools, offer 2000 dietician curated recipe and have tied up with health groups and e-Commerce sites to propagate healthy diet,” states Prachi.

A constantly evolving platform, MyDIETist understands the clientele requirement and acts as family dietician that focuses on preventive measures, resulting in almost 100 percent renewal rates. Its highly knowledgeable team with a cumulative experience of 100 years caters to a diverse group geographically that makes MyDIETist susceptible to data threat. However, all the data on its platform is 128 bit SSL-encrypted and protected by firewalls which makes hacking very difficult while its backend storage makes printing redundant. Abiding by transparency, this niche specific organization envisions helping more people achieve significant lifestyle changes, and be that one-stop destination which offers wholesome nutrition, weight management, and elite services with access to quality information and nutrition.