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  • 10 most Promising mHealth Solution Providers - 2017

    mHealth is a recent entrant in the healthcare industry which is still in its explosive growth phase, as the sector grows parallel to and in direct proportion to the growth of the mobile device industry. The wide array of unique healthcare solutions that  mHealth can provide makes it hard to define the term in a sentence or two. Doctors, patients and healthcare consultants are looking forward towards the tremendous possibilities that this sphere has opened up and will open up in the near future. A vast collection of  mHealth solutions come in the form of applications focused around verticals which can be as diverse as the concerns that a person might have of his/her physical or mental health. The value that mHealth solutions add to its customers are in terms of cost,...

10 most Promising mHealth Solution Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
DocNMe DocNMe Samidha Garud & Bhupendra Chopra, Co-Founders. A highly comprehensive maternal care platform offering streamlined assistance and guidance to doctors and patients respectively.
Grow Fit Grow Fit Jyotsna Pattabiraman, Founder & CEO. A mobile health companion that prevents lifestyle diseases through a combination of data science, medical expertise and behavioural insights.
GrowAyu GrowAyu Sai Kumar Jayanty, Co-Founder & CEO Bridging the demand and supply gap for healthcare with convenience and ubiquity while enabling a cohesive ecosystem via its multi purpose and omnipresent Grow Ayu Connected Healthcare platform.
HOD.life HOD.life Ankit Khambhati, Founder A3600 healthcare solutions company on a mission to transform employee wellness and engagement landscape by digitising preventive care and internalising diagnostics through integrated health stations and an AI driven chat bot that enables users to address their health needs by connecting with experts any time, anywhere.
Levizi Levizi P. Rajavel, Director Creating an ecosystem of medical professionals for patients to get their healthcare issues resolved during medical emergency.
Medivo Global Solutions Medivo Global Solutions Dr. LavanyaPrabhu & Dr. PrabhuVenugopal , CEO & President & COO. Bringing doctors and patients on a single platform to enable efficient healthcare via chat / video any time irrespective of the location over its mobile application and the online portal
MediKlik MediKlik Vikram Aditya Tirthani , Founder & CEO. A patient engagement and doctor discovery platform that offers its users medical guidance, information and services at their fingertips.
MediGuru MediGuru Siva Nagalingam, CEO& Founder Complete tele-psychiatry and online counseling platform that enable patients with mental health issues to seek and consult with qualified psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors across India.
MyDIETist MyDIETist Prachi Parekh, Founder, CEO & Head of Nutrition . A consultative application and automated diet assistant helping users switch to a healthier lifestyle at the comfort of home.