Right Nutrition: Defining Personalized & Scientifically Calculated Diet Plans for You

Srikanth & Sridevi,Directors.Sparing no parts in the world, over the years, lifestyle diseases have become a time bomb with an alarming rise. Being called as the future of healthcare, data analytics plays a pivotal role throughout the prevention & treatment of lifestyle diseases. Prevention & wellness care is most beneficial when it is done in a scientific & holistic way. With Right Nutrition, a brand owned by eThink cells Software Solutions & Services– a Bangalore-based healthcare technology company, you can experience this scientific approach with expert guidance & tools that can be used anytime anywhere for a healthy living. Through its patented-pending platform, powered by analytics & automation, Right Nutrition leads an effective revolt against lifestyle diseases by acting as a healthcare ecosystem that interconnects patients, medical practitioners and service providers through web, mobile & cloud-based solutions.

End-to-end Insightful Customer Engagement

People conventionally do diets on their own. The preventive measures and stringent follow up of prescribed diet plans are crucial in battling the life style diseases. But, in fact the ample time taken to define a personalized diet plan
has been a mighty hurdle. Having a gamut of scientific tools incorporated in its platform, Right Nutrition (through its 'We-Feel-It'venture) has perfectly launched into this crater by engaging the patients and multiple disciplines within the healthcare industry (including dietitians & nutritionists) during the follow up process. Right Nutrition’s scientific diet calculator tool has been an auxiliary hand for medical practitioners to easily provide personalized diet plans within the shut eye time.“For each patient, we process variety of data and generate insights, which not only increases the speed of operations of practitioner, but also enables them to generate micro & macro nutrient balanced diet plans,” asserts Srikanth, Director, eThink cells.

Having a gamut of scientific tools incorporated in its platform, Right Nutrition has perfectly launched into this crater by engaging the patients and multiple disciplines within the healthcare industry during the follow up process

On the other hand, once a patient is registered (KYC enabled) at the Right Nutrition powered clinic, they become a part of the 'e-clinic' and are entitled to terrific features ranging from Health goal planning to Personalized food plan, Calorie/Nutrient intake tracker, Food eDiary, Exercise/workout planning, Meal-to-Meal tips, Chat with experts, and Integration with wearable. In addition, clinics also share their exclusive proprietary
contents through this platform.

Additional Offerings beyond End Customers

The company also offers a wide range of offerings to the enterprises, where they cater to thousands of employees simultaneously. For instance, Right Nutrition recently conducted a corporate wellness program for a large Bangalore based insurance banking company, which started with analyzing & recognizing the health risks of the employees. They were then subjected to a three-month program where the scientific & personalized diet-practices and continues diet tracking played an instrumental role. On completion of this course, 98 percent of the participants improved their food habits & activity levels!

Besides the enterprise offerings, this 2013 founded company further offers a wide range of simplified tools for students and researchers to collect & analyze samples, and submit the reports to their institutions.

Data Science is the Future

A team of less than 10 IT experts who are persistently trained abreast of the latest trends, Right Nutrition today is pressing its footprints further in the Data Science by ensuring the data encryption at every level of the platform and working with industry’s best cloud providers. “Going forward by aiming continuous improvement, we will augment more features, a research based discovery platform and a variety of service providers – all along with our expansion plans,”concludes Sridevi, Director, eThinkcells.