My Diabetes Clinic: Building a Diabetes Free India, One Patient at a Time

Dr. Jaydeep Sadashiv Shinde,Founder & Chief Director

Dr. Jaydeep Sadashiv Shinde

Founder & Chief Director

With Indians’ lifestyle changing drastically in the past few decades, the prevalence of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and thyroid, has increased drastically. “With mass urbanization, the food habits of urban Indians have changed considerably as compared to our previous generations. The consumption of ready to eat, frozen foods and consumption of aerated drinks has made us prone towards faster conversion from pre diabetes to frank diabetes,” explains Dr. Jaydeep Sadashiv Shinde, a seasoned dialectologist consultant, Founder & Chief Director, My Diabetes Clinic. Armed with a Graduation from T. N. Medical College, Mumbai and Post-Graduation from the reputed Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. Jaydeep founded this speciality clinic dedicated towards diabetes and endocrine disorders in 2009. The facility holds expertise in dealing with diabetes & ITS related complications, thyroid disorders and endocrine disorders. Helping patients with education and diabetes management, the clinic has expanded and built facilities in Thane, Mulund and Bhandup.

Dedicated Services
Owing to a combination of genetic
and lifestyle factors, over the pastfew decades India has become the diabetes capital of the world. In order to counter this pandemic, Dr. Jaydeep’s clinic renders dedicated preventive diabetes care along with treatment for obesity which is a leading cause for diabetes. The clinic regularly screens patients for all possible complications expected in diabetes extending from heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, and dental to nerves.

" My Diabetes Clinicregularly screens patients for all possible complications expected in diabetes extending from heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, and dental to nerves"

My Diabetes Clinic provides maximum time to its patients to understand the disease well before any new treatment is initiated. The respective pointers are reimposed at each visit by taking the patient’s feedback. The clinic focuses on imparting the right knowledge regarding the disease to not only the patients, but to their family members as well. In order to facilitate better outcomes to indoor patients, My Diabetes Clinic conducts regular insulin administration workshops across various hospitals for the nursing staff.

Focusing on Early Identification
According to ICMR INDIAB Study, Total population of diabetics in India currently is around 62 million and every year around 1 million people die due to diabetes. Overall prevalence of diabetes in all 15 states in India is around 7.3 percent and that of pre-diabetes in all 15 states is around 10.3 percent. Hence a lot needs to be done to prevent these pre-
diabetics to convert into frank diabetes. This is the area where My Diabetes Clinics is working towards Prevention of Diabetes by Converting Pre Diabetics to Clinical remission. The facility caters to a large number of early onset diabetics who are currently under remission without any medications. With a great emphasis on raising awareness about Type-1 (Juvenile Diabetes), My Diabetes Clinic organizes an awareness walkathon on World Diabetes Day. This exercise has helped them screen out Early Type-1 and Young Type-2 Diabetic patients every year.

Specialized Professionals
The specialist clinic is one of the few Diabetes centres in India to be certified by the American Endocrine Society. Adhering to the guidelines set by ICMR INDIAB along with following the guidelines set by American Thyroid Association (ATA) for Thyroid disorders, My Diabetes Clinic has earned immense trust among its patients. Having trained under eminent doctors such as Dr. Shashank Joshi and Dr. Vijay Panikar has helped Dr. Jaydeep setup a facility that is growing in immense by the day.

Having witnessed sustained growth over the past nine years, the clinic is now building a new facility for Centralised Virtual Pharmacy & Pathology services which would render free home facilities to patients. Working towards tying-up with major IT companies to work on creating awareness regarding lifestyle disorders through its programs, My Diabetes Clinic aims to curb the rising trend of diabetes in India and safeguard the younger population from developing this disease.