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  • 20 Most Promising Diabetes Treatment Clinics - 2018

    Almost 18 percent of the global population is contributed by India and reports suggest some shocking facts that India currently represents over 50 percent of the world’s diabetes burden. The higher income due to the nation’s economic development raised the living standards, but led to a sedentary lifestyle, whch leads the country on the path of the fastest growing disease burden over 16 years. Diabetes is often regarded as a ‘lifestyle disease’ as its main cause is inactivity and excessive intake of high-calorie foods. Due to the lack of awareness of the symptoms and risk factors, the urban poor find it difficult to manage the disease. Studies prove that higher per-capita gross domestic product (GDP) have a higher prevalence of diabetes. Also, genetic...

20 Most Promising Diabetes Treatment Clinics - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Advanced Diabetes Centre Advanced Diabetes Centre Hetul K. Mehta, CEO & MD Offering comprehensive care for complex cases of severe diabetes with preventive management of the disease for patients with borderline and prediabetic conditions
Ahalia Diabetes Hospital Ahalia Diabetes Hospital Dr. Ashok Krishnan, Chief Medical Officer Proffering comprehensive diabetic care and specialty services like radiology, endocrinology, podiatry, nephrology, diet and lifestyle
Ayur DiabaPro Diabetes Clinic Ayur DiabaPro Diabetes Clinic Dr. Kundan Khamkar, Consultant Physician & Diabetologist Specializing in providing quality services in Diabetology and Ayurvedic Medicine with treatments such as Insulin Treatment, Type-2 Diabetes treatment, Congenital Disorders Evaluation, and more
Centre Of Excellence For Diabetes & Obesity Centre Of Excellence For Diabetes & Obesity Dr. Reema Kashiva, Director A specialty centre providing focused care for the management of Diabetes, Pre-diabetes and Obesity
DEW Clinic DEW Clinic Dr. Suresh Kumar, Managing Director Offers treatments for diabetic patients with its high-quality osteoporosis clinic, diabetes complication assessment, wellness clinic, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders
Diabcare India Diabetes Center Diabcare India Diabetes Center Dr. Suresh Kumar, Founder An independent exclusive diabetic clinical care and research center offering comprehensive, multidisciplinary care solely for diabetes and pre-diabetes patients, and creates awareness through prevention programs
Diabetacare Diabetacare Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal, Managing & Medical Director Evaluating the advancement of diabetes with its product Diabetacart and testing hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, and hypertension
Dr. Manohar K Nageshappa Clinic Dr. Manohar K Nageshappa Clinic Dr. Manohar K Nageshappa, Consultant Physician & Diabetologist Provides services for wide range of diabetic conditions like Type-1 Diabetes , Type-2 Diabetes , Gestational Diabetes, and more
Dr. Mohans Diabetes And Specialities Centre Dr. Mohans Diabetes And Specialities Centre Dr. V Mohan , Chairman Offering technology-backed treatments for diabetes prevention, diabetes diet, diabetes physiotherapy and more
Dr.Vishal Gupta's Advantage Dr.Vishal Gupta's Advantage Dr. Vishal Gupta, Director Providing holistic care in diabetes with personalized and specialized treatment such as in house exercises, fitness regimens, and services like footcare, eye care, diabetic cafeteria and more
GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute Prof (Dr) Sukumar Mukherjee,, Chairman Offering Multispeciality healthcare facilities for evaluation and treatment of Diabetes complications encompassing all segments of human body ranging from eye care to foot care under one roof
Gleneagles Global Hospitals Gleneagles Global Hospitals Dr. Ajay Bakshi, CEO Employing state-of-the-art technology and completing diabetic care under one roof while employing lifestyle and nutritional counseling as a component of the treatment
Glucowell Diabetes Centre Glucowell Diabetes Centre Dr. Dishank Patel, Owner A centre for all types of diagnostic and therapeutic services related to diabetes and its complications
Kandar Diabetes Centre Kandar Diabetes Centre Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar, Chief Consultant Diabetologist A full service diabetes clinic offering services such as diabetic consultation, blood tests and diabetic foot care facilities, Insulin pump and AGP facilities
Life Span Diabetes Clinics Life Span Diabetes Clinics Ashok Jain, Founder Offering ample support and state-of-art care for the treatment and management of diabetes by implementing latest approaches and technologies
M V Hospital For Diabetes M V Hospital For Diabetes Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, Head & Chief Diabetologist A tertiary care centre for referral of Diabetic patients that offers quality health care providing curative, preventive, and cost effective medicines
My Diabetes Clinic My Diabetes Clinic Dr. Jaydeep Sadashiv Shinde, Founder & Chief Director With five branches across Mumbai, the clinic is a chain of speciality clinics dedicated towards diabetes & endocrine disorders
Samatvam Diabetes Centre Samatvam Diabetes Centre Dr. Sri S Srikanta, Medical Director Specializing in treating and managing diabetes and other endocrine metabolic disorders using modern treatment techniques
Swasthya Diabetes Care Swasthya Diabetes Care Dr. Mayur Patel, Chairman Providing specialty services that focus on patient centric diabetes management with minimal medication and holistic approach