• Atharva Speciality Clinic: Treating Diabetes with a Holistic View
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    Atharva Speciality Clinic: Treating Diabetes with a Holistic View

    Diabetes, ever increasing across World, is a tricky disease to control. Unfortunately, majority of the population views the diabetes as Raised blood sugar only. Patients and healthcare givers mostly focus on controlling blood sugar levels only but strict maintenance of blood sugar is not possible always, which leads to co-morbidities, which means the associated risks that arise due to diabetes. The co-morbidity leads the patient in serious illness by damaging Nerves, Kidneys, Vision, Skin, Reproductive system and Mental well-being. Consultant doctors at atharva speciality clinic, have the expertise & different approach to deal with diabetes. The Jalgaon based facility follows the principles of Ayurveda, Panchakarma and general wellbeing to help diabetic patients to deal with their...


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