MultiFit: The Soul of the Gym is in their Trainers

Samir Kapoor, Co-Founder & MD,Sally Jones, Co-Founder & COO

Samir Kapoor, Co-Founder & MD

Sally Jones, Co-Founder & COO

Largely driven by machines, India’s fitness sector always lacked human intervention; hence making gymming a machine-model where one is left to reach their fitness goals. MultiFit is driven by its highly qualified and experienced trainers who craft customized functional fitness group workouts that are aimed at creating a perfect balance among all aspects of fitness. This balance is achieved through their 'iFit' model.

'iFit' is a combination of functional fitness,group training, and high- intensity workouts. This combination of a coherent and easy-to-deliver program enables the trainers to deliver amazing experiences to members. The 'iFIt' approach by Multifit targets different aspects of fitness like strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, power and overall fitness, making day to day movements easier.

Multifit, within a short span of around three years, has grown to a current strength of 23 operational gyms with over 350+ trainers servicing over 40,000 members and also managed to build strong
relationships and associations with
big sports federations and teams, Puneri Paltan, Premier Futsal, Pune FC, Basketball Federation of India.

While typical gyms are monotonous and thus boring, MultiFit’s unique functional training group fitness programs have a makeover every three months, thus leaving no scope for boredom

“It is not about body building or weight lifting, but it is about staying fit,” says Samir Kapoor, Founder & MD, MultiFit. While typical gyms are monotonous and thus boring, MultiFit’s unique functional training group fitness programs have a makeover every three months, thus leaving no scope for boredom. Additionally, its unique blend of offerings include Looping (its Indoor Cycling offering), Personal Training, Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Mixed Martial Arts, Calisthenics, Triathlon Training, Dance and Yoga, etc.

The Exclusivity
Boxing can help kids get into peak physical shape and improved physical health, MultiFit Boxing Academy has introduced Kids Punch Boxing Program, a skills class designed for teaching kids basic defense techniques of amateur boxing. Created by Manoj Pingale, an Olympian, and Arjun awardee, MultiFit’s BoxFit makes boxing a fitness based exercise by mixing several exercises.
The fitness studio also has its own copyright "Looping", an indoor cycling session that burns around 800 calories in 55 minutes. “I focus on people with fitness as a part of their DNA. We get trainers who can engage well with members, which creates the differentiation in the culture and the vibe of the gym,” says Samir.

Sporting DNA
Lead by international athletes and faculty members like Sally Jones Kapoor (B Tec in Sports and Exercise Science (Manchester UK) Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer), Chaitanya Velhal (2 time Ironman, India’s Fastest Ultra cyclist, TEDx speaker), Andy Turner (Three time Olympian, Gold Medalist (110m hurdles) -European Team Championships 2009 and many more acclaimed platforms) Brent Townend (Level 3 REPS Internationl PT, Sports Masseuse, Teaching & Assessing).

MultiFit also has multiple entities like MESA (Multifit Academy of Triathalon & Endurance Sports), 'MESA' (MultiFit Exercise Science Academy), fitness programs for corporates, and does their bit by supporting & sponsoring the trainers and athletes to go overseas for courses, certifications, competitions and to upskill themselves.

Having being born out of an online training program in the UK and having set a scorching growth pace in the Indian Sub-Continent that some may even term disruptive, MultiFit is all set to Launch its international operations with large format studios in the UK & UAE within the next quarter.