• Nirvana Yoga Shala: Elevating the Life Force for Attaining Perfect Equilibrium
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    Nirvana Yoga Shala: Elevating the Life Force for Attaining Perfect Equilibrium

    The time-worn concept of ‘Kundalini’ as put forth by the Indian philosophy, prophets the presence of a dormant energy nestled at the base of the spine analogous to a coiled serpent, which when awakened, mounts up the spine to unlock the seven chakras (energy centers) in the body. Elevating this life force breaks the body and mind from its shackles of stagnancy triggering illness and suffering. The science of Vedic yoga is all about unbolting the Kundalini through a string of physical and mental exercises as trailed by enlightened men like Buddha and Mahavir. Imparting the holistic science of yoga to the contemporary man is Nirvana Yoga Shala, a highly reputable Yoga and meditation school assisting spiritual seekers in attaining a harmony of body, mind, and soul for a...


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