Nirvana Yoga Shala: Elevating the Life Force for Attaining Perfect Equilibrium

Swami Deva Arhato ,FounderThe time-worn concept of ‘Kundalini’ as put forth by the Indian philosophy, prophets the presence of a dormant energy nestled at the base of the spine analogous to a coiled serpent, which when awakened, mounts up the spine to unlock the seven chakras (energy centers) in the body. Elevating this life force breaks the body and mind from its shackles of stagnancy triggering illness and suffering. The science of Vedic yoga is all about unbolting the Kundalini through a string of physical and mental exercises as trailed by enlightened men like Buddha and Mahavir. Imparting the holistic science of yoga to the contemporary man is Nirvana Yoga Shala, a highly reputable Yoga and meditation school assisting spiritual seekers in attaining a harmony of body, mind, and soul for a multi-dimensional expansion of human conciseness. Incepted in 2006, the center is alchemized by Swami Deva Arhato’s (Founder) years of efforts in seeking the meaning of life and subsequent spiritual journey. With expertise in numerous disciplines including Japanese Karate, Taichi and Bodywork, Osho Therapies, Reiki and Munay Ki Healing, Deva
is an exemplary yogi, tantric, and shaman with ERYT 500 from Yoga alliance of USA.

Nirvana is the one-of-its-kind yoga center housing and helping students from around the globe seeking inner peace in the mundane, busy, and hectic life of the modern days

International Standards Meet Indian Approach
Juxtaposing international standard accommodations with an Indian faculty approach, Nirvana is the one-of-its-kind yoga center housing and helping students from around the globe seeking inner peace in the mundane, busy, and hectic life of the modern days. It ensures that its inhabitants are availed with the best of assets like spa, Jacuzzi, sauna, and rooftop café, among others. A set of teachers with years of experience, dedicated personal practice, and helpful approach to students, comprising of Deva, Surya Vasta (Ashtanga Yoga faculty with RYT500 from Yoga Alliance, USA and 12 years of experience), Stella Maria Falco (Hatha Yoga faculty, Reiki master and Munay Ki healer with RYT500 from Yoga Alliance, USA, and expertise of 12 years), and Dr. Shashi Rekha (MD Ayurveda and anatomy teacher), together adds glory to the center alluring more seekers.

Preparing its students to imbibe a broad knowledge of Yoga as a holistic discipline, Nirvana offers
integrated courses with comprehensive teaching methods through its four weeks long classes of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (TT) and Hatha Yoga TT (of 200 hours each covering 100 hours of practice of Asana and teaching methodology, 20 hours of each Pranayama, Anatomy, Philosophy, Meditation, and 10 hours Ayurveda) and eight weeks long similar classes of 500 hours each, both certified by Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga professionals UK. The center constantly evaluates its students by conducting practical asana exam and written tests on Philosophy of Yoga and also renders six-day workshops on Reiki healing, Munay Ki, and Tibetan bowls healing.

Adding Quality to Life
Recognized with awards like Yogabhushana 2016 by Himalaya Yoga Foundation and Yoga Kousthuba 2017 by Arivu NGO, Nirvana delivers customized training to individuals with needs for a more personal approach (tailored asana classes for people with physical issues, meditation treatment for individuals with depression, and particular pranayama for breathing related issues). Directing a major focus on student safety, the center always recommends its students to start with beginner’s class and regularly monitors the developments of its students keeping account of their strengths and capabilities. “With 12 years of unparalleled experience and an annual turnover of Rs.1.5 crore, we have a strong vision for the future such as unveiling one more Yoga center, introducing acro and aerial yoga, and spreading our facilities across the US market,” concludes Deva.