Merahki Holistic Wellness: Empowering Holistic Wellness through Natural Healing & Education

Dr. Nidhi Bajaj Gupta,    FounderIn today’s, fast-paced modern world, the pursuit of good health can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. But fear not, for health and wellness coaching has emerged as a beacon of hope for those seeking to enhance their overall well-being. At Merahki Holistic Wellness, located in Mumbai, this approach is infused with soul, creativity, and love the very definition of their name, derived from the Greek word Merahki. With a passion for holistic wellness at its core, Merahki is more than just a business it's a way of life.

At Merahki, the focus is on empowering humanity towards a holistic life through body mind soul integration. The firm’s vision is at the core of everything it offers, from its wide range of wellness services to the firm’s commitment to providing personalized and compassionate care to clients. “At Merahki, we offer a variety of services from post-surgical rehabilitation to musculoskeletal disorder treatments, we have all covered. Our team specializes in fitness for children, sports rehabilitation, nutrition guidance, Access bar therapy, Bach flower remedy, mindfulness techniques for all ages, and senior citizen wellness programs”, speaks Dr. Nidhi Bajaj Gupta. The firm uses a range of techniques, including cupping therapy, dry needling, myofascial therapy, craniosacral therapy, IASTM, k-taping, and sujok therapy.

The firm’s unique approach has garnered attention from people who are not just seeking a cure for pain but are also interested in preventing it. From CEOs to fitness enthusiasts, people from all walks of life are turning in to become fitter and prevent future health issues through Merahki’s online as well as offline programs.

Committed to not only treating but also uncovering the root causes & addressing them through natural, evidence based method & helping in prevention rather than only cure

Dr. Nidhi Bajaj Gupta, the Founder of Merahki Holistic Wellness Company is a Mumbai-based physiotherapist and wellness coach. She combines Eastern and Western healing methods to help people live better lives. She has received several national and international awards, including "Top 50 Rising Star Women Entrepreneurs" by the UK-based company WEARETHECITY. Her innovative workshops on holistic wellness have impacted thousands of people in India, New York, New Jersey, Singapore, Dubai, Bali, and beyond. Dr. Nidhi’s mission to empower people worldwide with holistic wellness is inspired by her mother's successful battle with stage 3 breast cancer in 2005 and stage 4 brain tumor in 2013. Merahki's team includes physiotherapists, an access bar healer, a personal nutrition coach, yoga teachers, and fitness therapists.

Dr. Nidhi attributes her success to her Guru Mahatria, diviner of the path Infinitheism, who has imbibed the spiritual roots in her. She has a heartfelt gratitude for her parents, sister (Megha Bajaj), husband (Parikshit Gupta), in laws, her school/ college and physiotherapy teachers, in Pace Solutions, family, friends, staff and team Merahki (Dr. Payal Dalal Parekh, Dr. Kajal Patel, Dr. Tanya Brijwasi, Dr. Supriya Gupta, Shikha Mehta, Pooja Lodha, Rhea, Ria Bajaj, Dhriti and Vaibhav) who have always been supportive of her ambitions.

The vision for Merahki is a radiant and vast one, aimed at bringing holistic wellness services to many more cities. The company plans to construct a cutting-edge Wellness Centre in Mumbai, featuring a nature garden, a wholesome food cafe, and a comprehensive suite of fitness, yoga, and meditation programs. Merahki also intends to empower an additional 100 physiotherapists through its transformative Finishing School program and collaborate with schools to introduce wellness practices to youth while offering a weekly program to seniors for improved well-being.