Labassure: One-of-its-Kind Provider of Affordable & Reliable Molecular Diagnostics & Genomic Testing Solutions

Vaidehi Jobanputra,Founder & President

Vaidehi Jobanputra

Founder & President

The emergence of newer genomic technologies is ushering an era of ‘new biology’ and transforming the field of molecular diagnostics. Deploying the benefit of new technologies and merging the existing methods for genetic testing, Delhi based Labassure (a brand of AGILE- Advanced Genomics Institute and Laboratory Medicine) brings in a portfolio of genomic technologies to deliver right testing and treatment solutions. Being one-of-its-kind molecular diagnostics company, it offers a wide portfolio of genomic tests right from biochemical screening, infectious diseases, chromosomal based testing to DNA & RNA based molecular assays.

Since genomic technology is still in its nascent stage in India, factors like limited awareness, availability of reliable testing resources& higher costs surge the patient’s sufferings. Tapping this opportunity to outspread awareness and diagnostic services, Dr. Vaidehi Jobanputra(Founder& President) and her team at Labassure escort the clinicians through the multiple testing options available and guiding them in choosing the right testing strategy for each patient creating a personalized solution for the patient based on the disease.

Dr.Vaidehi adds, “We aim to help the patients from near and far and across all the medical specialties.
This is possible only when we work closely with the referring doctors. It is a true partnership between us and the clinicians that makes personalized laboratory medicine a reality.

Labassure has built confidence and trust among the clinicians by enabling them to select and use appropriate technologies wisely and confidently

Right Technology, Right Testing
First-of-its-kind provider of Chromosomal Microarray Array(CMA) based genetic diagnosis in 2011, Labassure exemplifies solid strength in genome testing and specializes in Perinatal and Prenatal Diagnosis, Pre-implantation Genetic Screening, Microarrays, NIPT, Karyotyping and FISH testing, to name a few. AGILE offers Whole Exome Sequencing as part of advanced testing solutions. Topping that is their experience & expertise across the generations of genomic technologies that helps in recommending suitable solutions as per the suspected disease or diagnosis. “Depending on the case, we guide the clinicians what should be the testing strategy/approach. From the patient point of view, we are technology agnostic,” elucidates Sukrut Jobanputra, Executive Director, Labassure.

When asked about challenges,Dr.Vaidehi avers, “Many doctors try new technologies but end up having bad experiences because of either wrong selection of test by the doctor or poor processing or reporting by the lab, leading to a lot of disillusionment about the technology. It is not a fault
of the technology but a lack of experience and coordination between the clinicians and the labs”. Since the time Labassure stepped in the market, it has built confidence and trust among the clinicians by enabling them to select and use appropriate technologies wisely and confidently.

Embodied with Right DNA
Addressing Dr. Vaidehi as the guiding light, Sukrut asserts, “Education and Research are an important part of our company’s agenda. We have been training a wide spectrum of professionals in the genomics community right from graduate & post graduate students, clinicians, researchers, lab technicians, pathologists and other lab personnel.” Labassure’s central lab facility in New Delhi is already accredited by NABL & ISO and follows international standards and guidelines for genetic testing.

Leveraging the first hand experience of the genomics market in USA, Labassure is ahead of the curve in tapping the latest technology trends and adapting them for the Indian market. It has a pipeline of new tests to be launched in the coming months, plus is working on the latest scientific research to develop newer tests for India. Labassure’s future plans include enhancing its center of excellence with more technologies and covering a wider spectrum of diseases and medical specialties.