Kandar Diabetes Centre: Effective Diabetes Care for All

Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar,Chief Consultant Diabetologist

Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar

Chief Consultant Diabetologist

With over 72 million reported cases, India has the highest number of people affected by diabetes in the world. Caused by genetic and lifestyle factors alike, the disease has reached epidemic levels in India. Known to be a chronic incurable disease. Helping patients by rendering effective diagnosis, medication, prevention and coping strategies is Kandar Diabetes Centre (KDC), a Hyderabad-based diabetes clinic.

Founded by Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar (Chief Consultant Diabetologist), an accomplished and experienced Diabetologist, the facility assures patients of reduced blood sugar levels within 14 days. Functioning through two branches in Hyderabad, one each in Nirmal, Adilabad and West Midnapore (West Bengal), KDC specializes in services such as diabetic consultation, Diabetic education-classes, Diabetic diet assessment and counseling, blood tests and diabetes foot care facilities, including podiatry surgery by trained persons, among others. KDC is committed to helping patients reduce the blood sugar levels, and arrest the further
complications and increased the Quality of Life & Life expectancy with the help of holistic approach of management of Diabetes.

"Apart from blood tests, the state-of-the-art laboratory at KDC can also perform diabetic foot Doppler test and diabetic neuropathy test"

Tracking Macros
The nature of diabetes is such that patients are required to maintain strict dietary control, active physical activity, taking meals or snacks on time in order to attain glycemic control. “Unfortunately, some patients are unable to keep-up with the dietary restrictions suggested by the diabetecian or dietecian,” says Dr. Dilip. The clinic makes use of Ambulatory Glucose Profiling (AGP) to statistically keep track of the patient’s blood sugar levels day-by-day, as well as trend of profiles in order to find out the loop fals of uncontrolled blood sugar levels or hypoghlycaemia. Since the AGP device tracks blood sugar levels continuously, patients and doctors can get a clear picture of when and why glucose levels increased or fall. It also helps doctors predict the future sugar levels of a patient. The AGP device further helps doctors and patients know if the current diet is working in the patient’s favour or if certain changes are required.

Apart from AGP, KDC also holds expertise in dealing with other pathological complications that arise as a result of the disease. The facility provides diabetic eye check-up, diabetic foot clinic(podiatric), thyroid clinic, heart tests, kidney tests and insulin pump clinic. Patients can also be treated for obesity and
Type-1 diabetes.

Patient Satisfaction is Paramount
The medical centre is also adept at carrying-out various tests as per the patients’ requirements. Apart from blood tests, the-state-of-the-art laboratory at KDC can also perform diabetic foot Doppler test and diabetic neuropathy test. The clinic also assures a quick turnaround time for all test reports in order to reduce patient hassle. Functioning from the early hours of the morning, KDC ensures that patients’ comfort is kept at the forefront. In order to facilitate the same, the facility also provides online consultation. With an objective to keep patient's comfortable, the clinic wears an air of positivity and peace.

Bringing Medical Facilities to All
There exists a general misconception that diabetes is an ailment that affects the urban and prosperous population. However, the truth is far removed from that; the disease is prevalent among people hailing from rural parts of the country as well. KDC intends to work towards raising awareness about the disease among the rural parts of the country, and hence Dr. Dilip plans to build a training centre which would run short-term training sessions for people hailing from para-medicals and non-medical backgrounds to ensure better understanding of Diabetes and its complications in our society. Dr.Dilip being a principal investigator in various multinational multicentre trial, is doing clinical trials under the banner of ‘Kandar Diabetes Research Centre’.