IHUB Technologies: Consumer Oriented Next-gen HMS Products to Simplify Healthcare Operations & Management

Partha Sarathi Bijjam,   DirectorEnterprise enabled Hospital Information Systems is need of hour which empowers all users of healthcare organization with integrated systems and processes, collaboration, dashboards, and analytical tools. But due to lack of standardization in both healthcare and IT processes, the hospitals and healthcare institutions are not able to use valuable data into meaningful insights. Envisaging this fragmented nature of Hospital Management Systems, Hyderabad-based IHUB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. developed 'iMedihub' as a one-stop-shop for all the medical needs by providing core framework on which HMS/LIMS/RIS modules are integrated and can be plugged-in to existing systems or extended to meet specific needs of organization. Leveraging their previous experience of developing DRCloudEMR, the company developed iMedihub to address the pain points of hospitals and to provide complete end-to-end solutions.With all the dashboards, actionable insights, easy customization, flexible reports,
automation and business process standards, iMedihub is designed to meet comprehensive IT needs of healthcare industry. This comprehensive data software evolved with two installations at Indo-American Cancer Research center and MNJ hospital which gave constant updates and facilitated the development of key functionalities of the software.

Network Based Approach

Built on complete NABL and NABH enterprise standards, the product leverages a complete HTML responsive design that integrates communication between the components.. The software measures the performance by highlighting the KPIs that enable data drilling work and facilitate future growth projections. "This is an enterprise product built with a vision to empower data to all the stakeholders of the product. And the data generated will meet their expectation with their KPI related requirement," asserts Partha Sarathi Bijjam, Director, IHUB. IMedihub not only addresses the reporting and analytics part but goes deeper to address fundamental challenges with care co-ordination, clinician and patient engagement and population management.

The highly experienced professionals at IHUB have employed cutting edge technologies to develop a highly engaging user experience with latest UI interfaces like HTML5and built the platform on the powerful Java opensource. IMedihub offers
a handshake mechanism which differentiates the entire patient's data into structured tables and plugs it into existing software. This software is a quick win for the clients as it can be integrated with existing systems and can be further extended to replace all the existing solutions.

Further, IHUB offers Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Radiology Information Management System (RIS) which involve collection and storage of both pathology and radiology diagnostic related information. These systems register, collect, sort the samples and interfaces it to analyse and view. The authorised reports will be shared to the people enabling them to interact with system. IHUB is waiting for the cloud release of the product, which will ensure continuous updating of the software, until then it offers one year of free service and support after installation.

Road Ahead

IHUB has recently incubated a sales team and has just started with sales and marketing. The product is currently running in investment mode and focusing to stretch their market into Brazil and Indonesia. "We want to create a global market for the product and we are taking it parallel with separate teams," adds Partha. The company has international tie-ups and is looking for more distributing partners for the product.