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  • 20 Most Promising Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2017

    In the recent years, healthcare sector in India has gone beyond the brick and mortar constraint of traditional medical practice. Due to immense growth in this sector, today Indian healthcare is worth $100 billion and expected to grow $280 billion by 2020. Under the umbrella of cloud, healthcare sector has created a robust ecosystem with the inclusion of e-Diagnostics, e-Pharmacy, tele-radiology, hospital information systems (HIS)/hospital management information systems (HMIS), online medical records (EMR) and many others. Adoption of computerized provider order entry (CPOE) has reduced drug errors to a large extend. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is also playing a crucial role in scaling the healthcare data management by mining medical records in order to provide efficient health...

20 Most Promising Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Attune Technologies Attune Technologies Arvind Kumar, Founding Member A nextgen IT services company offering Cloud-based healthcare solutions that seamlessly integrate Labs, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Medical Devices (IoT), resulting in increased revenues and operational efficiency
Cerner India Health Services Cerner India Health Services Neal Patterson, Board Chairman & CEO A provider of a wide range of services that support the clinical, financial and operational needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes
Dr.live Dr.live Chethan Channakeshava & Pratap Palthady, Co-Founder The doctor-patient ratio in India is around 1:2000, way less than the WHO norm of one doctor per 1000 citizens.
Erfolg Life Sciences Erfolg Life Sciences Ramesh Meesala , Founder A Nevada woman died after being infected by superbug NDM (named after India's capital New Delhi Mettalo-beta-lactamase) during her visit to India.
GE Healthcare GE Healthcare John Flannery, CEO A leading pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing company offering medical imaging & diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, and drug discovery services to global clients
Ihub Technologies Ihub Technologies Partha Sarathi Bijjam, Director Enterprise enabled Hospital Information Systems is need of hour which empowers all users of healthcare organization with integrated systems and processes, collaboration, dashboards,
Kaaspro Enterprises Kaaspro Enterprises Kumar Subramaniam, CEO Kaaspro's75 Health is a total cloud based solution that enables users to just login through the browser and start chatting with doctors without any hassle of downloading and installing
Medi Interface Medi Interface Venkateshwaran Krishnaswamy, Founder Back in 1998, when the use of technology in the field of healthcare was very limited and management systems for the hospitals were at a very nascent stage with just a handful of healthcare organizations
Nerve24 Nerve24 Mohit Khullar, Co-Founder "We are India's first digital healthcare exchange," proclaims Mohit Khullar, Co-Founder, Nerve24. While Mohit concisely describes the business,
Ohum Healthcare Ohum Healthcare Udai Kumar, President & CEO Healthcare delivery is complex. The demands are infinite, reach and affordability is poor, service is fragmented, quality is varied,
Prudent Digital Prudent Digital Rakesh Kumar Singh, Director Hospitals that still work on paper based medical records are denying the society a huge opportunity of using data to achieve better cure, smarter methods and cheaper healthcare.
SNG India SNG India Pankaj Narula & Puneet Narula, Director - Marketing & Business Development & Director - Projects & Technical Head People visit hospital to get cured, but it's a paradox that millions of them get sick with a hospital-acquired infection,
Supreme Health Supreme Health Jayesh Vora, Managing Director One of India's leading pharmaceutical company developing high quality pharmaceutical products across verticals such as Analgesics, Gastrointestinal, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Fungal and many others
Trivitron Healthcare Trivitron Healthcare Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Chairman & MD A medical technology company providing affordable healthcare solutions to hospitals, individual healthcare providers, independent clinics, laboratories and extended care facilities