HealthyFy Solutions: Manifesting Complete Well-Being through Tailor-Made & Scientifically-Designed Nutrition Consultancy

Dr.Dt.Sheenu Sanjeev,ProprietorWhen approached by a client with critical clinical concerns like high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and hypothyroid, HealthyFy Solutions extending a helping hand swore to brave the issue apprehending the heightened health condition of the patient. To everyone’s surprise, within just two to three month Dr.Dt.Sheenu Sanjeev (Proprietor, HealthyFy Solutions) worked wonders by addressing and assuaging the problem, culminating in a fat loss of 20.9kg,total inch loss of 20.5 inches, and visceral fat of 2.5 percent. Rewardingly, the clinic brought out a grand transformation in the client by molding him from a person who never wanted to walk to one who actively runs in Marathon. Thereby, perfectly validating its motto ‘Be Healthy & Fit @ HealthyFy’.

With more such accomplishments to its name, HealthyFy is a leading diet & nutrition consultancy clinic headquartered in Ghaziabad, proffering tailor-made and scientifically-designed programs based on Nutrition Consultancy. With an exemplary academic proficiency (doctorate in Biomedical Sciences), certification in various recognitions bestowed on her (India Healthcare Award and International Excellence Award for Best Dietitian Nutritionist
Delhi), Dr. Sheenu is an aficionado of health and fitness industry serving as a healer and a life coach of the Law of Attraction. Providing workout plans, strength training, and meditations, she heals clients with stress and anxiety giving them affirmations by teaching manifestation for positive thinking and happy life & relationships.

Focusing on the complete well-being of a person, HealthyFy endows special diet plans and counseling for pregnant & lactating women, child nutrition and weight loss

Synergizing the Triumvirate of Body, Mind, & Soul
Strongly deeming the body’s ability to heal itself through right food choices and appropriate lifestyles, HealthyFy endows a friendly, professional, and confidential advice to its clients, succoring them with planning, monitoring, and executing the accurate eating habits to meet their nutritional requirements. Dr. Sheenu educates them on food’s nutritional contents and encourages homely foods. Spotlighting on the root causes, Dr. Sheenu treats clients accordingly through ‘Diet Consulting’, considering factors like body type, BMI, body fat measure, individual lifestyle, types of work, environment, eating habits, sleep hours, food preferences, nutritional needs, and medical conditions, among others.

Focusing on the complete well-being
of a person, HealthyFy endows
special diet plans and counseling for pregnant & lactating women (healthy micro and macro nutritive food plans for baby’s growth & development, and reducing extra fat of mothers after childbirth), child nutrition (both clinical and total well-being for infants to adolescents) and weight loss. It helps its clients with various problems like weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and the like. Devising an online and offline one-to-one consultation (in person or over the phone, email, or Whatsapp), the clinic helps its clients in correcting their bodily factors (biological age, visceral fat percentage, subcutaneous fat percentage, muscle mass, and improvement of the immune system and strength). It provides sports and fitness diet for national level players and athletes and has gotten best results in curing PCOD and fertility issues (almost 100 percent positive results). Further, it gives free consultation and diet plans to patients suffering from high serum creatinine and kidney problems. “Along with the correction of their food habits, I slowly change their bad lifestyle habits, which helps them to get good results,” asserts Dr. Sheenu.

Housing dedicated junior dietitians, fitness instructors,healers, counselors, and interns, HealthyFy flaunts an enthusiastic, positive, and cheerful work culture and provides timely training to its employees to maintain efficacy in counseling, analyzing patient reports, and so forth. HealthyFy recently opened its third centre after Ghaziabad and Varanasi at Indirapuram that will include meditations and healing along with fitness, diet and nutrition.