Heal the World: Embracing the Energy Way of Healing

Vivek Kamath,Founder & CEO

Vivek Kamath

Founder & CEO

At the backdrop of this beautiful and fun-filled world, an unfathomably complex network of energy propels and connects everyone and everything. Apart from the hustle-bustle of innovations and inventions of medicines and tonics, a silent yet highly influencing system of energy healing is taking on a distinctive dimension to enkindle the process of healing. Rising up to stardom in this domain, a unique alternative therapy startup, Heal the World, was established in 2017 in Bangalore, following the tracks of Dr. Mikao Usui (Reiki founder & grand-master). As a precursor featuring Reiki & Distant Healing, Mexican Healing, Crystal Healing, Melchizedek Healing and Past-Life Regression Therapy as its main expertise, the clinic also holds to its record, successive healing of critical illnesses like cancer, heart blockage, eye-sight issues and glaucoma.

Heal the World(with an additional centre in Mumbai)is spearheaded by its Founder &CEO, Vivek Kamath, an Indian Software Engineer by profession, experienced as a freelancer for nearly 20 years with large International banks in UK, US, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Bahrain and more, to manage large-scale IT projects. He is an author, astro-numerologist,
Palmist, and Reiki Healing Master cum practitioner abides by the belief that most diseases are mind borne, which if healed can heal any chronic disease. Considering the biggest challenge for humans is the imbalance of energy in the body, mind and soul, the clinic highlights the importance of the healer being able to recognize the issue in those areas to provide appropriate healing.

" Following an all-embracing natural energy technique, the healing experts do not prescribe medication, instead they practice exclusive energy healing treatments"

Recognized by the industry as an eminent professional to look at, Vivek has been invited from across the countries for international medical conferences, with the latest being an invite from Switzerland for a conference on ‘Scientific Advances in Metabolomics and Systems Biology’, while another being from the US for an International Conference on Diabetes, Nutrition, Metabolism & Medicare. These events will witness over scientists, expert pancreas transplant professionals, and dialectologists experts from over 50 countries to discuss on ‘diabetes control’. “As a revolutionary healthcare organization, we have submitted our abstracts to all these conferences on how we can cure diabetes completely without any medicines. All our abstracts for these 13 countries have been approved by their editorial board,” affirms Vivek.

Re-Balancing Energy-based Healing Treatment
Following an all-embracing natural energy technique, the healing experts do not prescribe medication,
instead they practice exclusive energy healing treatments like Mexican Healing, an Egyptian Healing technique that uses light energy to remove black-magic, critical ailments and curses. The centre also specializes in Melchizedek Healing, a holographic healing technique demonstrating the skill of removing any part of the body, outer-body and thought-programming into higher dimensions to be cleansed, healed and returned to the physical completely perfect. Furthermore, techniques like Past-Life Regression Therapy and Crystal Healing eliminate negative blockages and fear/phobias, emanating positive effects.

However, healing with energy has its own side-effects on the healers. To evade unwelcoming side-effects, the healers shield not just themselves but all others present in the room against negative energies before practising services like Old-age Energy Healing, Student Healing (improving memory& concentration), ADHD, Autism, Women Counselling and Distance Healing for patients suffering from various kinds of diseases across the globe. Its Corporate Healing helps employees manage day-to-day stress, incorporating effective methods to improve individual productivity.

En route to Progress
Heal the World is striding on the path of making energy healing a mainstream way of treatment, with testimonials from its patrons healed from issues like insomnia, diabetes, ovarian cysts, sciatic spinal-cord pain and many more. With its current revenue being Rs.5 crore, the organization targets taking it to Rs.30 crore by the end of this financial year.