NatureHealz: Your Natural Path to Holistic Health and Right Lifestyle Management

Smita Sundararaman,Founder & MD
Smita Sundararaman
Founder & Managing Director

In early times, our ancestors followed a traditional practice of 'do waqt ki roti' to maintain their health. A regular diet along with fasting once a week, proper physical exercise, adequate sleep and water is all that kept their body fueled to cleanse, heal and grow. Today, it is of no surprise that our busy lives have put adverse impact on our health. Untimely eating & sleeping, no exercise, polluted air, contaminated water, and constant pressure & stress from our demanding jobs have made us dull & sick. Only a lifestyle correction through right food and exercises can bring back our immunity and help combat the ill-effects of modern day living.

Fostering holistic health and well-being of individuals through right lifestyle management that involves therapeutic food, yoga and using natural therapy called Naturopathy (natural and medicine-free) is NatureHealz. This Gurgaon-based clinic approaches patients while focusing on treating people without any side-effects and not just their diseases like Obesity, Sinusitis, Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Hypertension, PCOD, Skin Problems,
Kidney Stones, Migraine, Cholesterol issues, and many other commonly occurring health problems. “We pioneer in conceptualizing, formulating and operating long distance Naturopathy consultation model and have served 3500 people across India and 18 other countries,” says Smita Sundararaman, Founder & Managing Director, NatureHealz.

" We pioneer in conceptualizing, formulating and operating long distance Naturopathy consultation model and have served 3500 people across India and 18 other countries"

Walking You the Healthy Way
It is a common practice to follow doctor’s advice when under his guidance, but one tends to lose the strings when back to the routine life. To bring about the sustainable transformations that most people hope for, NatureHealz bring Naturopathy to the doorstep of its clients to practice it as a way of life on an ongoing basis. “We run long-term lifestyle correction programs to encourage people on embracing natural living and healing through customized weekly plans. We monitor their progress and customize future plans basis their feedback. Complementing these programs with traditional Naturopathy therapies at our center gives faster and better results,” explains Smita. Employing only qualified Naturopathy doctors with a degree in the subject, NatureHealz do not prescribe any medication, while the existing medication (if any) are tapered down by the concerned Allopathy doctors on the basis of the ongoing health progress reports.
Further, its ‘Do it Yourself’ approach encourages individuals to follow a responsible lifestyle that enables complete, sustainable, transformation in people’s health. NatureHealz gives a customized recommendation, regular guidance and coaching by leveraging various platforms like Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others to consult people in different corners of the world. “What NatureHealz taught me changed my perception of health and stopped my fixation about weight. The food and exercises suggested made me rediscover my mind-body connection. Having struggled with a stressful lifestyle and faulty eating habits, NatureHealz showed me the way of healing from within,” says a happy client.

Faster Healing with Nature
NatureHealz offers various therapies (mud, hydro,& chromo), fasting, sauna, massages, wraps & packs, Yoga, Meditation & Pranayam techniques that aid in faster symptomatic results. Along with these, the clinic also has detox programs and different yogic kriyas. NatureHealz recommends people to have adequate amount of water & sleep, right exercises and most importantly, the right combination of food for an individual. “We generally abstain from ‘convenient’ market foods. Fresh, local and seasonal food is the order of the day. As we do not prescribe any medicines, our therapies & treatment has no side effect,” asserts Smita. Today this 2013-founded company is growing at a CAGR of 20 percent and is looking for geographic expansion through franchise network in the near future.