• NatureHealz: Your Natural Path to Holistic Health and Right Lifestyle Management
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    NatureHealz: Your Natural Path to Holistic Health and Right Lifestyle Management

    In early times, our ancestors followed a traditional practice of ‘do waqt ki roti’ to maintain their health. A regular diet along with fasting once a week, proper physical exercise, adequate sleep and water is all that kept their body fueled to cleanse, heal and grow. Today, it is of no surprise that our busy lives have put adverse impact on our health. Untimely eating & sleeping, no exercise, polluted air, contaminated water, and constant pressure & stress from our demanding jobs have made us dull & sick. Only a lifestyle correction through right food and exercises can bring back our immunity and help combat the ill-effects of modern day living. Fostering holistic health and well-being of individuals through right lifestyle management that involves therapeutic food, yoga and...


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