Glucowell Diabetes Centre: Patient - Centric Approach to Diabetes Management

Dr. Dishank Patel,OwnerThe modern world has brought with it a host of advantages, as well as disadvantages for humankind. Although increased usage of technology has simplified various aspects of life, it has also brought a host of issues such as increasing trend for fast foods and high calorie foods, lack of physical activity and stressful life resulting in obesity and insulin resistance. Obesity is responsible for a number of medical problems; however, it is 'Diabetes' which has reached to epidemic levels, especially in India. Working towards helping diabetic patients battle the disease effectively is Glucowell Diabetes Centre, a Vadodara-based diabetes clinic, which provides diagnostic and therapeutic services related to diabetes and its complications.

Undertaking a patient-centric approach in diabetes management, Glucowell functions as a true one-stop-solution for all diabetes-related treatments. With this approach, the centre has so far helped numerous patients to gain positive results.

Empowering Patients with the Right Knowledge
Owing to a mix of genetic and lifestyle factors, Indians are prone
to develop insulin resistance and thus Type-2 diabetes. In fact, India is home to nearly 72 million diabetic patients, which is highest in the world after China. Early diagnosis, effective treatment and patient education are keys to fighting this epidemic that has taken over the nation. Committed to the cause, Glucowell focuses on patient counselling, support and empowerment. The centre renders patients with personalised care and treatment for their diabetes control. Diet and lifestyle intervention and patient education also feature as an integral part of treatment at Glucowell.

"Undertaking a patient-centric approach in diabetes management, Glucowell functions as a true one-stop-solution for all diabetes-related treatments"

“We maintain height, weight, BMI, waist and hip circumference records of all patients at each visit. This helps us to explain patients about obesity, the root cause of diabetes in majority of diabetic patients and thus motivate them to lose weight,” explains Dr. Dishank Patel, Owner, Glucowell Diabetes Centre. Bringing with him a host of experience and knowledge, Dr. Dishank after completing his post-graduation (MD), gained specialization in the field of Diabetes from Apollo Hospital. He holds a special interest in the field of diabetes and metabolic syndrome which motivates him to keep learning newer scientific concepts in the field which can aid him make diabetic treatment more effective for his patients.

The Clinic of Today
Founded in 2017, Glucowell is a well-equipped facility that
understands the importance of making use of the latest technology and know-how. Apart from the standard treatment for diabetes, the centre also focuses on using latest treatment options and technologies for better results. In order to facilitate timely intervention for various diabetic complications, Glucowell has facility for assessment of body fat, electrocardiogram, VPT test for diabetic neuropathy, ABI Doppler to detect PVD (blocked arteries in lower limbs) and fundus examination for diabetic retinopathy.

The facility maintains electronic records for all patients, which comes handy in case patients lose their treatment records. Keeping the patients informed, Glucowell sends SMS reminders for their appointment and important laboratory tests to maintain their follow-up schedules. Dr. Dishank believes that community awareness and patient education is the key in the fight against the pandemic of diabetes. “We regularly conduct various educational programs and camps for diabetes prevention and detection to create community awareness,” he adds. In the future, the centre intends to continue these activities with a greater focus on families of diabetic patients. This will not only help in adoption of preventive measures for high risk members but will also motivate patients to follow the right diet, lifestyle and treatment regimens in a more effective way. Having adopted the right approach to diabetes management, Glucowell is positively impacting various lives.