Eat Right Diet Clinic: Inculcating Healthy Lifestyles with Well-Balanced & Wholesome Diet

Roomani Jain,Director

Roomani Jain


How did our ancestors stay so fit? Why is our generation an epicenter of enfeeblement? What is causing cancer in a six-year-old? The perfect response to such rain of queries is the old adage, “We are what we eat!” From a civilization that understood food - its composition, medicinal property, and endemic quality, to a generation thriving on pizzas, burgers, and noodles, Indians have evolved depressively. Hence, letting the populace regress to progress is the best health capsule to gulp lately, instead of resorting to crash diets. “You don’t have to diet, you just have to eat right,” tutors Roomani Jain (Director) throwing light on how she strives to impart a healthy diet for helping people achieve their wellness goals with positive lifestyle changes through her brain child Eat Right Diet Clinic. Ensconced as an e-clinic, the 2016-born dietetics provider is known for its unique online diet plans- enduing well-balanced and nutritious diet consultation from any preferred location. The clinic designs specific plans according to individual’s body, lifestyle, and routine.

Capacitating the Triumvirate of Well-Being
Framing diet programs in agreement with regulatory guidelines of Indian Dietetic Association(IDA),the clinic
ensures utmost safety to its clients by collecting relevant details such as basic information, medical conditions, blood test reports, likes and dislikes, and food allergies. A gold medalist in M.Sc. Foods and Nutrition, a registered dietitian with Bombay Hospital, Indore, and a member of IDA, Roomani is a maven of absolute health. She perfectly mixes her adroitness and various technologies incorporated in e-clinic services to render a complete package of customized diet plans with home cooked food and disease-specific plan to her clients, thereby personifying the result promised. “With an eight-hour job and one-year-old baby, it was beyond me to manage a diet plan; but my trust in Roomani worked wonders as I reduced seven kg in just two months, turning to a happy, healthy, and confident woman again,” rejoices Aarti Sharma, a working mom from Gurgaon.

Roomani has formulated an exceptionally user-friendly clinic, employing a structured MO that assesses the nutritional needs of individuals based on appropriate biochemical, anthropometric, physical, and dietary data

Exercising an easy communication and cooperation for each patient at every stage, Roomani has formulated an exceptionally user-friendly clinic, employing a structured MO that assesses
nutritional needs of individuals based on appropriate biochemical, anthropo metric, physical, and dietary data. Establishing priorities, goals, and objectives which are consistent with available resources, she provides nutritional counseling on right dietary intake deeming cultural and socio economic background of clients. Roomani also develops, implements, and manages diet plans followed by evaluating, altering, and maintaining standards of quality in food and nutrition care services. A strict no to fad/crash dieting, the clinic dismisses submission to pills or powders and strenuous exercises, advising simple walk, jogging, or yoga. She even guides clients on alternatives and suggest what to eat and what not to even during eating out or travelling.

Personifying Health Dreams
Delivering special recipes and solving queries, Right Diet endows strong services encompassing weight loss, diabetes care (pre-diabetic, diabetic, and GDM), bridal package (fat loss for glowing skin and hair before wedding), pre and post pregnancy care, and therapeutic diet (diet for medical conditions like thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, high cholesterol, and hypertension) among others. This is followed by consulting clients over telephone, WhatsApp, chatting, email, or Skype every week.

Succeeding in becoming a household name within a span of three years, the clinic has won a strong client base, ascertaining complete client satisfaction. Currently planning to offer a food chain supply directly to customers, Eat Right is poised at achieving an increased brand value, massive growth, and more patient flow.