Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda: An Internationally Trained Cardiothoracic Surgeon Driven to Address Diverse Patient Needs

 Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda,  Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

The increasing influence of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets are causing an epidemic of heart problems among people of all ages, with a sharp increase in the number of young adults experiencing such troubles. This necessitates the healthcare sector to be equipped with the right minds and skilled professionals capable of identifying risk factors, offering tailored advice, and conducting impeccable treatments to help patients get a new lease of life and hope. Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda, a Hyderabad based Cardiothoracic surgeon, stands as an authority within this realm. Specializing in treating heart and lung diseases in adults as well as children, he was inspired to start his own startup Nutriq India Wellness in light of the rising problem of heart diseases. With the aim to develop a healthcare system that addresses the existing industrial challenges, he is driven to create an ecosystem wherein patients receive excellent treatment at affordable costs, without causing an economic burden for the medical professionals.

International Experience

Dr. Rachakonda’s reach to excellence started from his education from some of the most prestigious medical colleges across the world. Starting with an MBBS from Coimbatore, he went on to complete his surgical training at JIPMER before moving to the Madras Medical College and Govt. Hospital to receive his Cardiothoracic Training. Thereafter, he pursued higher training from the US, getting training opportunities at Mayo Clinic followed by the Cleveland Clinic. Throughout his education and training period, he found opportunities to work with the leading minds in the field, molding him into the methodical and detail-oriented professional that he is today. Upon completing his fellowship, he returned to India in 2016, immersing himself in the evolving healthcare landscape of Hyderabad.

Partaking in the region’s highly developed healthcare system complete with advanced techniques and equipment, he found the ideal location for him to start his practice, mixing in his personal touch that no other could provide. “My personal approach to patient care is ‘Need of the patient comes first’. I learnt it from the likes of Dr. William and Dr. Charles Mayo, Founders of Mayo Clinic who said: ‘Best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered’. I always think in terms of patients - I only recommend investigations that are absolutely needed, how best to reduce their pain and suffering, and how to give the best treatment at the most affordable costs. I take into account all the patient factors - medical, comorbidities, social support, economics, if he is the bread winner or a dependent to decide on the
treatment options. Ultimately my goal is to avoid any potential errors that can happen”, shares Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda.

Tailoring his treatment approach as per the unique needs of every patient, Dr. Pradheep carefully weighs the potential outcomes of various treatments for various patients, finding the most long-lasting and least invasive course of action that would increase their lifespan as much as possible. This detail-oriented approach requires certain diagnostic tests, but ensures a more carefully planned action which ultimately aids in ensuring optimal patient health.

Founding Nutriq India Wellness

While treating sick patients and making their lives better gives immense happiness and contentment, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s still a large section of the masses who are healthy at present but are susceptible and at risk for non-communicable diseases because of multiple reasons. The unawareness of the Indian population regarding healthy nutritional choices, as well as the right kind of diet and lifestyle necessary to lead a healthy life is one of the most prominent causes behind the growing susceptibility of the people to develop heart ailments. Coupled with the lack of essential nutrients in the body plus the excess variety of supplements available in the market, without proper knowledge regarding their benefits leads to confusion and the population to continue being nutrient deficient from incorrect choices, leading to more health issues. In recognition of these prevailing conditions, Dr. Pradheep recently launched Nutriq India Wellness, a startup in its nascent stages, aimed at creating awareness about health and wellness with the goal of promoting healthier lifestyles through prudent dietary choices.

Strive for balance between delivering good quality healthcare & making it affordable. Quality always comes with a cost

The organization has been created to educate the masses about the importance of health and wellness in order to encourage and motivate people and families to be more vigilant in their lifestyle choices, food consumption habits, and more. It envisions the development of healthier communities by imbibing the right knowledge of ways to lead a healthy lifestyle-free from diseases. Nutriq is being developed as a one-stop solution for all the nutritional supplementation requirements of adults and kids by globally reputed brands. The organization will be designed to cater to all individuals of all ages, with a particular focus on improving the health and nutrition of normal people with emphasis on preventive aspects and those with pre-existing illnesses on how to improve their present health status.

As a professional with diverse and extensive experience and training from the global top medical centers, and now a startup Founder within the medical field, Dr. Pradheep stands as an inspiring doctor for the future generations. Sharing some advice from his experiences, he states, “My advice would be to strive for balance between delivering good quality healthcare and making it affordable. Quality always comes with a cost. In words of Sir Robery Hutchison ‘from too much zeal for the new and contempt for what is old; from putting knowledge before wisdom, Good Lord, deliver us’. In our zeal to use advanced technology, we shouldn’t increase the cost of treatment when conventional methods can still give useful information and likewise in our efforts to curtail costs, quality of care and outcomes should not be compromised”.