• Dr. AM Thirugnanam: A Stalwart Who Revolutionized Interventional Cardiology
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    Dr. AM Thirugnanam: A Stalwart Who Revolutionized Interventional Cardiology

    Within the complicated and expansive field of cardiology, there are several experts, and experienced specialists saving lives every day. These specialists deal with critical situations routinely and help patients get an extended lease on life. However, not nearly as many are creating waves with their daring and confident abilities and skills for trying previously untried treatment options to save lives. Setting benchmarks within this field for the past 20 years is Dr. AM Thirugnanam, a senior interventional cardiologist, based in Hyderabad. With diverse experiences and expertise in treating critical condition patients, Dr. Thirugnanam has pioneered multiple cardiac treatments in his career, opening doors for other doctors to adopt new methods for saving their patients’ lives.


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