• Dr. AM Thirugnanam: A Stalwart Who Revolutionized Interventional Cardiology
  • Top 10 Prominent Leaders in Healthcare from Hyderabad - 2024

    Empowering Wellness, Enriching Lives - Leading Healthcare in Hyderabad Healthcare in Hyderabad is crucial for the well-being of its residents. Accessible and efficient healthcare services contribute to a healthier population, fostering economic productivity and overall social development. Adequate medical facilities ensure timely diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures, reducing the burden of diseases. It plays a pivotal role in addressing public health concerns, controlling the spread of diseases, and enhancing the overall resilience of the community. Prioritizing healthcare ensures that individuals can lead fulfilling lives without being hindered by preventable illnesses, contributing to the city's progress and prosperity. "Healthcare Leaders in Hyderabad...

Top 10 Prominent Leaders in Healthcare from Hyderabad - 2024


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Dr. AM Thirugnanam Dr. AM Thirugnanam Dr. AM Thirugnanam, Senior Interventional Cardiologist A dynamic professional with over two decades of expertise in the medical institutions, with diverse experiences and expertise in treating critical condition patients, proficient in cardiac treatments
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Stree Saga Stree Saga Dr. Abhinaya Allur, Founder A vibrant leader in obstetrics and gynecology with experience in treating women from all walks of life provided valuable insights on the prevalent health issues affecting women in the country
Ananya Gastroenterology Ananya Gastroenterology Dr. Ananda Kumar, Chairman & Founder An eminent figure in surgical gastroenterology, hepatobiliary surgery, and bariatric surgery with career spanning over three decades in the healthcare industry
Shield Healthcare Shield Healthcare Aniruddha Rajurkar, CEO An inspirational business leader with over 25 years of experience in the managing diverse businesses and creating sustainable shareholder value, skilled in marketing, supply chain, sales and many more
CARE Hospitals CARE Hospitals Jasdeep Singh, Group CEO An industry professional with over two decades of experience in the leadership roles, specialized in operation, business development, marketing, team building and many more
Yashoda Hospital Yashoda Hospital Dr. Nivalika Rajamoni, Radiation Oncologist A prominent leader with more expertise in the healthcare industry, specialization in Radiation Oncology focuses on addressing all types of cancer cases, especially brain tumors and female cancers
Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda Dr. Pradheep K. Rachakonda, Cardiothoracic Surgeon A visionary leader having more expertise in the cardiothoracic training and academia, specializing in treating heart and lung diseases in adults as well as children
KIMS Hospitals KIMS Hospitals Dr. Rohan Reddy C, Thoracic Surgeon A distinguished leader having extensive experience in the thoracic surgical, specializing in surgeries related to the lungs and structures within the chest (excluding the heart) also expertise in Robotic surgery and Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Sandeep Katakam Clinic Dr. Sandeep Katakam Clinic Dr. Sandeep Katakam, General, Laparoscopic & Laser Colorectal Surgeon An innovative leader understands the importance of making quality healthcare available to everyone, irrespective of their economic status, skilled in General Surgery & Laser Colorectal Surgeon
KPHB KPHB Dr. Swetha U, Chief Dentist A luminary leader with indelible mark in the field of dentistry, particularly in laser and cosmetic dentistry, with a career spanning over 14 illustrious years and having treated over one lakh patient