Dr. Abhinaya Alluri: Reimagining Health & Wellness for Women in India

Dr. Abhinaya Allur,  FounderAccording to a report published by Tata Tele Business Services, the Indian healthcare industry is expected to reach a valuation of $132 billion by 2023 growing at a CAGR of 16-17 percent. Tremendous growth has been observed in the Indian healthcare sector influenced by a number of reasons. First is the increase in the number of healthcare facilities in the country because of which it has become more accessible. It has also been possible because of Niti Aayog agency launched by the government of the country. Next is the growth in healthcare technology that is proving to be game changer for each and every segment related to the industry. Advanced technology and types of treatment has also resulted in huge growth in the medical tourism sector as well.

In this regard, the adoption of robotic surgical processes has been primary. However, when it comes to a country like India, women health and wellness is facing challenges because of a various factors. First is the negligence towards health factors that are specific to women. After that is the lack of awareness in women about their own health which makes it very difficult for them to diagnose what is going wrong with their body from the symptoms. This is not only prevalent in the remote regions, but also in the urban and semi-urban regions of the country. This exactly is the reason why Dr. Abhinaya Alluri, Founder, Stree Saga came with a platform that provides a definitive approach towards women health in the country. Her idea is to spread awareness about women’s health and educate her patients about various kinds of diseases and how to take preventive measures in time.

Dr. Abhinaya is greatly inspired by former Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi and her motto, 'Performance with a purpose' which has struck a chord in her and driven her to deliver relentlessly. This mantra has not only resonated deeply with Dr. Abhinaya but has become the driving force behind her unwavering commitment to deliver her best. All the milestones she has crossed in her professional life are credited to the passion she has for her profession. She believes that it is very important to educate women in India about their mental and physical health in order to achieve overall growth of the country. “I believe in listening to my patients so that I am able to support them to the fullest. There are three core tenets that I follow in my medical practice, empathy, patience, and striving for excellence", states Dr. Abhinaya.

Growth Story

After completing her schooling in India, Abhinaya went to New Zealand with her parents and started studying in the University of Auckland. However, a year later her dream of becoming a doctor brought her back to
India and she completed her MBBS and the MS degree in Gynaecology. After completion of MS, she went on to get a diploma in laparoscopic surgery because it was her area of interest. Moving ahead she did her fellowship on infertility from the Indian Medical Association. To further her expertise in surgeries, she has undertaken interest and training in robotics, which she believes will be crucial for patients in the near future. During her education, she was supposed to circle different regions and meet other doctors who are working in the field. Her experience in dealing with women from all forms of life brought forth several insights on the prevailing conditions for women’s health problems plaguing the country. These revelations lit a fire within her to bring change, leading her to establish Stree Saga. The role of Stree Saga is to focus on women’s health and provide them with support and treatment for various kinds of diseases that are specific to women. However, instead of taking a curative stance, her approach is highly preventive, by raising ample awareness and nipping the bud in the root.

Dr. Abhinaya is greatly inspired by former Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi & her motto, 'Performance with a purpose' which has struck a chord in her and driven her to deliver relentlessly

Standing out

Helping and treating the patients who come to Dr. Alluri is only a fraction of her job. Creating awareness on the issues that plague them and bring a change into the current system form the other side of the coin of her mission.

There are specific areas on which Dr. Abhinaya has worked on until now. Most notably, the campaign to raise awareness around cervical cancer and also take action against it. A very serious ailment that affects the lives of several Indian women and yet so unknown. But here’s the kicker – it's one of the very few cancers preventable by vaccination. Despite that, most women are unvaccinated against it. Her campaign under Stree Saga foundation oversaw the deployment of vaccines for free for women that she was able to reach. The most critical task was getting the three doses delivered under proper protocol. In addition, Dr. Alluri is also an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant at Care Hospital, Hitech City, Hyderabad.

Dr. Abhinaya is also working to promote the usage of biodegradable material for sanitary purposes. She strongly preaches more sustainable practices into lifestyles, hoping for a better future for all. Her campaign through Stree Saga foundation organized awareness on this issue. However, when it comes to raising awareness, her efforts around breast cancer was enormous. For two years, on October, she has raised awareness around the issues it causes, its severity and the treatments around it.

Road Ahead

Dr. Alluri's remarkable journey in the medical field has swiftly earned her trust and recognition, a testament to her unwavering commitment and diligent work.

Motivated by a deep-seated belief, Dr. Abhinaya is driven to continue her exemplary work and disseminate her vision widely. Recognizing the critical role of awareness in disease prevention and treatment, she emphasizes the need for a well informed community. Her goal is to bridge the awareness gap, ensuring that individuals are equipped with the knowledge to take timely and necessary actions concerning their health. By fostering awareness and understanding, she aims to contribute to a healthier and more informed society, marking a significant stride toward comprehensive healthcare for all.