Clarity Imaging Centre: Catering to Patients' Diagnostic Requirements through its State-of-the-Art Modalities

Dr. K.S. Murugan,FounderIt is always said that prevention is better than cure. However, in this world of constant health deprecation and lifestyle diseases, it is not easy to dodge the sickness bullet and the notion of medical assistance becomes more than a mere routine checkup. Diagnostic centres are the ‘Knowledge Transfer’ experts of the medical industry that can diagnose several life threatening diseases and help to nip them in the bud. However, most of these diagnostic equipments are being imported at high cost. Affordability for the scan procedures is still a concern for an average patient and the health insurance scenario is still at a nascent stage in India.

With the Indian Government taking the initiative to provide health insurance on a large scale, this issue can partly be addressed. This calls for a one-stop-diagnostic expertise that not only harbours upgraded technology, but also have the knack to constantly improvise in this rather fickle sector, situated well within
the reach of the common man. Closing this gap is the Clarity Imaging Centre, which with its contemporary modalities and medical knowledge, offers crystal clear reports and reinforces medical treatments accurately. The centre offers the entire range of diagnostic examinations under one roof.

"Clarity Imaging Centre, with its contemporary modalities and medical knowledge, offers crystal clear reports and reinforces medical treatments accurately "

Knowledge Combined with Technology
Clarity Imaging has a proud history to talk about. It was the first diagnostic centre to introduce the latest medical technologies to Coimbatore. For instance it was the first private MRI facility way back in 1999, and the first to introduce the high field MRI (1.5 Tesla) in 2005, and first private Cardiac CT scan in 2008. Dr. K.S. Murugan, a highly established Radiologist and Founder of Clarity Imaging Centre proudly explains, “We are the only Imaging centre in the state outside Chennai to have been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), a Quality council of India subsidiary”. Not limited to the confines of the city, the centre also extends its services to neighbouring smaller towns and districts.

Reinforced by the high-end imaging equipments (at par with top
Indian hospitals), Clarity Imaging
offers diagnostic services in MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, X-ray, Mammogram, and Bone mineral densitometry, to name a few. Its high field MRI accelerates the scan time with higher precision & resolution that facilitates patients with accurate reports on their clinical requirements. Moreover, its comprehensive range of multi-channel MRI coils enables high definition organ specific observations. The team’s Radiologists who have sub-specialized in their respective fields ensure quality of interpretation, which is more focused. No wonder that some of the most well-known hospitals like Ortho One Hospital, VGM Hospital, Bethel Hospital, GEM Hospital and many others often deploy the centre’s advanced MRI services for its medical analogies!

Dr. Murugan comments, "As the pioneers of the first private MRI in the City, we undertake periodical upgrade to bring cutting-edge imaging technology to the City. The recent addition of state-of-the-art digital MRI system from Philips medical systems is an example". Though being a part of capital intensive industry, the centre continues to refine its technical adaptability which stands as a testament to its diligent services to its patients and hospital clients. Currently, the team is working on understanding the growing requirements of the medical industry and expand its geographical footprint to cater to this necessity.