Centre of Excellence for Diabetes & Obesity: Remedying Diabetes through Lifestyle Management

Dr. Reema Kashiva,DirectorDiabetes is a metabolic disease that either affects the body’s capability to produce insulin or its response to the insulin produced. Although the disease has grave physiological effects on the human body, it can also affect a patient psychologically. “Diabetic patients, especially the ones with complications, often feel aloof and cut-off from their surroundings. The medical fraternity plays a crucial role in making them believe that this disease is not the end of road for them,” explains Dr. Reema Kashiva, an experienced diabetologist and founder of Centre of Excellence for Diabetes & Obesity at Noble Hospital, Pune. This medical facility intends to arm patients with the belief that prevention is better than cure

“Most patients approach us after consulting other doctors. They come to us after not seeing substantial reduction in their
glucose levels,” explains Dr. Reema. The centre utilizes its well-rounded approach to deal with various complications to a diabetic. The centre renders all- encompassing diabetes treatment including medical management, retinopathy, nutritional care, rehabilitation therapy, neuropathy and kidney care. Established in 2016, Centre for Excellence for Diabetes & Obesity has so far successfully doubled the patient inflow, treating patients with varying medical complications, age groups and sections of the society.

"Centre of Excellence for Diabetes & Obesity focuses on making patients understand the risks and adopt a preventive approach to avoid nerve damage & puts equal emphasis on medical & lifestyle management"

Looking Beyond Medication
Diabetes is a chronic disease and can only be controlled, but not entirely cured, which especially affects the nerves. Hence, the centre focuses on making patients understand the risks and adopt a preventive approach to avoid nerve damage & puts equal emphasis on medical & lifestyle management. Adopting a differing approach, when a patient approaches the centre, they go through counselling sessions with a diabetologist, a counsellor, an exercise therapist, a rehabilitation therapist and a nutritionist, and
educate patients about a sustainable way of keeping their blood sugar levels under control.

The centre also holds expertise in treating diabetic foot, a common consequence of nerve damage through diabetes. It conducts the only workshop for diabetic foot across Pune and also manufactures its own footwear for patients with the ailment.

Accomplished Leadership
The centre has succeeded in building a name for itself across Pune owing to Dr. Reema’s professional credentials and experience. A diabetologist of national repute, she completed her M.B.B.S from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal and M.D. (General Medicine) from Gandhi Memorial Medical Hospital, Indore. Additionally, she has also received a Certificate in Diabetes from John Hopkins University, School of Medicine and Diabetes related cardiology courses from Boston University, Australia & Singapore. She has been practicing since 2001 across prestigious institutions such as TATA Hospitals, Jamshedpur; Apollo Hospitals Groups and Centres, Jamshedpur and Noble Hospital, Pune. Dr. Reema intends to establish more centres in order to be accessible to more patients. She also focuses on raising awareness about diabetes across society.