Atharva Speciality Clinic: Treating Diabetes with a Holistic View

Dr. Anupam Dandgavhal, FounderDiabetes, ever increasing across World, is a tricky disease to control. Unfortunately, majority of the population views the diabetes as raised blood sugar only. Patients and healthcare givers mostly focus on controlling blood sugar levels only, but strict maintenance of blood sugar is not possible always, which leads to comorbidities, which means the associated risks that arise due to diabetes. The comorbidity leads the patient in serious illness by damaging Nerves, Kidneys, Vision, Skin, Reproductive system and Mental well-being. Consultant doctors at Atharva Speciality Clinic, have the expertise & different approach to deal with diabetes. The Jalgaon based facility follows the principles of Ayurveda, Panchakarma and general well-being to help diabetic patients to deal with their ailments. Founded by Dr. Anupam Dandgavhal, an experienced Ayurveda specialist, the facility is helping plethora of patients overcome the challenges caused by diabetes since 2008.

Neutralizing Diabetic Complications
Diabetes treatment plans should have comprehensive approach, as to control blood sugar and deal with comorbidities. Dr. Anupam
has identified these risk factors and thus, Atharva holds expertise in treating diabetic complications such as Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Heart diseases, Skin diseases, Mood disorders & Depression, Diabetes in pregnancy and Diabetic foot. This approach helps patients lead a healthy and normal life despite the disease without or with minimal co-morbidity.

"Atharva follows the principles of Ayurveda, Panchakarma and general well being to help diabetic patients to deal with their ailments"

Type-2 diabetes patients are helped with effective medicines. In fact, after treatment, in many patients who needed high doses of insulin injections, now the need of insulin significantly reduced, also some patients don’t need insulin injections. Additionally, during the diagnostic stage, the experts at Atharva find-out other associated and/or causative problems such as Obesity, Thyroid problems, Hormones problems, and others and treat them too with medication course at same time.

The clinic amalgamates the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with the latest technology in the medicine world. Monitoring is done by latest modern screening and confirmatory blood tests, also by discussing the cases with modern & other stream doctors. Results of medicines are also shared with the patients.

Eliminating Toxins to Counter Diabetes
Diabetes, a lifestyle disease, is spreading its fangs across entire society. Owing to faulty lifestyle, unhealthy dietary habits, lack of physical movement, and increased
stress levels, our body intakes various toxins which ultimately causes diabetes. Atharva leverages the philosophy of Panchakarma, a process that involves five methods to balance the 'doshas' or toxins in the body and rejuvenate it. The five procedures are Vamana(Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Niroohavasti (Decoction enema), Nasya (Instillation of medicine through nostrils), and Anuvasanavasti (Oil enema). This helps patients by deep tissue cleansing, removal of toxins and tackling deep-rooted stress.

The specialized procedures are performed under the supervision of Dr. Anupam, who is M.D.(Ayurveda Medicine)and specialist in Panchakarma from the prestigious Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. His deep expertise earned over a nine-year long career in the science of Ayurveda.

Atharva Speciality Clinic has become one of the most trusted facilities for diabetes treatment in Jalgaon, Mumbai (Thane) and Maharashtra State. Atharva is trying to collaborate with other science experts to create comprehensive management of diabetes. The clinic now intends to create awareness about the organ complications from Diabetes. Treatment from blood sugar controlling to freedom from Diabetes will be attempted in large scale. Atharva is also working towards creating solutions to deal with Type-1 diabetes. Dr. Anupam's ultimate goal is to establish a diabetes research and training centre, to well equip other caregivers to help patients more effectively.