Aarthi Diagnostics: A Forerunner of Efficacious Clinical Referral-Diagnostics

Dr. S.T. Swamy,DirectorDemands for referral laboratories today are picking-up a fast-pacing momentum in the trends of clinical-diagnostic arena. With quality being a labeled trace to services and cost-effective approaches gaining more scope, in-house clinical tests in primary laboratories have become cynical. This subsequently encourages resorting to more advantageous uses of clinical-referral laboratories. Moreover, the selection of a referral lab demands rigorous search, based on its efficiency and competence in the field. Emerged on the lines of comprehensive diagnostic and preventive tests of the highest quality is the Chennai-based Aarthi Diagnostics, a specialty clinical referral-laboratory that has been rendering its services, proving to be an epitome in this regard.

This 2010-founded diagnostic center maintains a record of meeting statutory requirements of the NABL, ISO and other state & central regulatory authorities. Equipped in specialized diagnostics like molecular diagnostics, toxicology and infectious diseases, Aarthi Diagnostics expertly performs screening /investigations for acute medical conditions like Nipah, H1N1, Ebola and Dengue, along with non-communicable diseases
like cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, mental illness and cancer that require exclusive investigations. Catering predominantly to value-based diagnostics at affordable costs, 99 percent of the center’s reports and samples are effectively used for major clinical treatments and surgeries proffering it a renowned reputation.

"Our aim is to become the top-most diagnostics service provider in Tamil Nadu in terms of quality, service, patient & clinician satisfaction and volume"

Services that Breed Success
“Our aim is to become the top-most diagnostics service provider in Tamil Nadu in terms of quality, service, patient & clinician satisfaction and volume,” asserts Dr.S.T. Swamy, Director, Aarthi Diagnostics. Strengthened with a distinct blend of well-qualified pathologists, bio-chemists, microbiologists and genetists, the center furnishes a timely, quality-based and dependable facility, modeling-out routine follow-up of customers with timely induction of technological innovations and techniques, and an efficient use of training and counseling. Proffering diagnostic solutions that encapsulate everything from conducting screening, evaluation, prognosis and diagnostic-counseling to follow-up, Aarthi Diagnostics possesses a 100 percent TAT and maintains stringent online-reporting systems (SMS & email), capturing the minds of its end-users.

The center’s staff (150 direct & 350 indirect employees) and students are rigorously trained based on short-term courses (CMLT, DMLT, B.SC DMLT and more) to ascertain excellent
expertise. Besides possessing sophisticated technological equipments like LCMS, GCMS, ICPMS & RTPCR, Aarthi Diagnostics also participates in external quality-assessment schemes and frequent internal quality control checks for guarantying precision in the testing results/reports.

Ensuring UPS power supply, adequate temperature maintenance and sufficient backup for all the equipment that receive timely upgrades and exchanges regularly, the center uplifts business with its keen attention to detail. Furthermore, mismatch between clinical & diagnostic findings is rectified by the center’s QC protocol (collection of fresh samples and recalibration of reagents & equipment) and by factoring in patient’s clinical history as per international standards.

Future Diagnostic Aspirations
Journeying through revolutionary industry changes and withstanding challenges that came its way, Aarthi Diagnostics stands armoured with services for futuristic innovations. The center plans to take on affiliations with prominent universities for carrying out research specifically in the fields of Bio-chemistry, Micro-biology, Bio-technology, Toxicology and Molecular Genetics.

With seven labs across Tamil Nadu, Aarthi Diagnostics has planned to launch regional labs for each district with collection centers in all tiers-2 & 3 cities by 2019 and an advanced research training center for diagnosis at Chennai with a special lab for clinical research studies by the end of this year. Additionally, the center has envisioned a Wellness & Preventive care segment as a separate division by 2020.