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  • 10 Most Promising Wellness and Fitness Centres, Bangalore– 2018

    Though we are all familiar with the phrase, ‘All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy’, it is not sufficed to just run around for 10 feet, claiming it to be a physical activity or exercise. A well guided fitness regime can do wonders in achieving a holistic well being, a perfect harmony of mind, body and soul. India, home of ancient yoga and holistic exercises is now the hub for the health market, booming exponentially, while blending the new ideas and maintaining the traditional realm.  This millennia old practice is taking the global health industry by storm through its safe and effective methics that is the need of the hour of the current millennial lifestyle. Stress laden and pressurised lifestyle can be resolved by the correct guidance and yoga plays a...

10 Most Promising Wellness and Fitness Centres, Bangalore– 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
4S Fitness 4S Fitness Stanly Thomas, CEO A Fitness Centre in Bangalore offering customized fitness programs at affordable rates to improve one’s strength, stamina, suppleness and speed
Anandamaya Wellness Center Anandamaya Wellness Center Dr Gurudatta, Founder A wellness center restoring homeostatic state of physical, emotional, mental and intellectual sheaths of individuals by adopting the Vedic wellness concepts for natural healing solutions
Hyper Monkey Fitness Hyper Monkey Fitness Siddarth, Co-Founder A provider of fitness & martial arts training services such as Yoga, Zumba, Kick Boxing, Bag Sessions, and more
Iron Cult Gym Iron Cult Gym Vishwanthar M Ramaiah, Owner & Fitness Trainer A full-fledged fitness center comprising of professionally qualified trainers who cater to every need of individuals by personalized training sessions
MeeHappy Wellness MeeHappy Wellness Chandrashekar TV, Founding Member & CEO A mental wellness company specialized in delivering highly effective Employee Assistance Programs that enable organizations to get the best out of their employees
Moveza Fitness Moveza Fitness Raj Gill, Founder A fitness & training company managed by fitness experts with over 15 years of experience in fitness club management and scientific training
Protonfit Protonfit Gautham Sangappa, Founder Inspiring people to embrace fitness into their lifestyle and making suitable lifestyle changes by following multi-touch point and a goal driven approach with every client it deals wit
Sangopan Sangopan Tejashree Joshi, CEO Providing high-quality pre &postnatal services for mother & baby, baby massage training for mothers, prenatal yoga for corporate, postnatal yoga, motherhood workshop &education, and nanny services under experts’ supervision
T99 Fitness T99 Fitness Lohith Nanjappa, Founder A professional fitness training center guiding individuals in the areas of body transformation, food supplementation, nutrition, and more
TheFitDistrict TheFitDistrict Niran Ponappa, Founder A one-stop health and fitness center offering Personal Coaching, Physiotherapy, Nutrition Counselling, CrossFit, LesMills group classes, Freestyle group classes and Calisthenics