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  • 10 Most Promising Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics - 2020

    The food that we eat shouldn't just taste good, but should be a complete balanced diet constituting the apt nutrients to fuel our body, and help our body & mind stay fit. In the present time, where people are busy and succumb huge pressure (work or personal), it is quite possible to fall prey to various mental & physical health issues, and others. Nutrition and dietetics act as the perfect guides in reformulating a proper diet habit. Where nutrition assists in interpreting the nutrients and other important substances present in food for healthy growth, dietetics accentuates on suitable food and its quantity to be included in the diet. With the incessant changing food and lifestyle habits of people, the importance of nutrition and dietetics is also evolving. The nutritional...

10 Most Promising Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Be Lite Diet Clinic Be Lite Diet Clinic Dr. Nalini Pandhi, Nutritionist Offers a holistically curated, fully-customized diet chart for individuals based on their lifestyle and food choices
First Eat Right First Eat Right Nafeesa Imteyaz, Dietitian/Nutritionist Following WHO guidelines, providing scholarly diet & nutrition consultation with personalized and customized diet & nutrition plan
Health Total Health Total Anjali Mukerjee, Dietitian An eminent name in the nutrition and wellness industry, rendering nutrition, diet and various other fitness care services to people through various health programs from over two decades
HealthyFy Solutions HealthyFy Solutions Dr.Dt.Sheenu Sanjeev, Dietitian/Nutritionist Offering scientifically designed non-starving diet & nutrition plans, customized as per blood group & individual lifestyle, along with certification programs for fitness, diet & nutrition, healings and others
HealthyNudgez HealthyNudgez Sunita Roy Chowdhury, Co-Founder & Director Drawing people towards fit body, mind and soul through holistic well-being through its blogs, personalized counselling sessions, and others from an early age
Kanupriya Kanupriya Kanupriya Khanna, Founder Leveraging two decades of experience working with women and children to curate healthier lifestyle habits for the individuals
Nmami Life Nmami Life Nmami Agarwal, Dietitian/Nutritionist Simplifies the food and nutrition science, and advises customized diet plans based on a person’s lifestyle, medical history, health goals, and fitness levels
Nutriee Nutriee Priyanka Agarwal, Founder Promoting healthy eating through homemade food including burgers and pizzas for weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, lactation and other diseases
Vasundhara Agrawal Diet And Lifestyle Consultant Vasundhara Agrawal Diet And Lifestyle Consultant Vasundhara Agrawal, Consultant Nutritionist & Clinical Dietician Implementing a holistic approach towards diet through controlled portions of balanced diet at regular intervals curated with personal care & attention to individuals’ needs