• AlaMirap: Revolutionizing The Concept Of Health & Wellness Through Reverse Engineering
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    AlaMirap: Revolutionizing The Concept Of Health & Wellness Through Reverse Engineering

    Sanjiv Naik, a Bangalore an-techie who originally hails from the outskirts of the city, had just subscribed to an online fitness platform that advertised their quick weight loss diet with a Rs.999/month tag on Instagram. The first SMS hit his phone the very next day. It read, "Hello Sanjiv, thanks for joining our platform. The customized premium breakfast suggestion for the day: one slice of Whole-wheat Bread with Peanut Butter". I have to confess that it's an excellent piece of advice, especially given the health benefits of wheat bread and peanut butter, but just that `the premium suggestion' is one of the most popular health tips the world over. Sanjiv, a typical south Indian who has been in love with Dosa & Idli for as long as he can remember, was determined to suppress his cravings...


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