SOPHiA GENETICS and Karkinos Partner to Advance Indian Cancer Research

SOPHiA GENETICS, a prominent cloud-native software company specializing in data-driven medicine, has revealed a collaboration with Karkinos Healthcare, a mission-focused cancer care technology network situated in India. This partnership entails the adoption of the SOPHiA DDM Platform to enhance cancer testing and research specifically targeting blood cancers and solid tumors in underserved regions within low and middle-income countries.

Karkinos Healthcare stands as a purpose-driven oncology platform that leverages technology for early detection, advanced diagnostics, and the delivery of treatments for prevalent cancers. Operating through its Distributed Cancer Care Network across India, Karkinos Healthcare offers comprehensive solutions throughout the oncology spectrum, encompassing disease screening, diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and seamless patient navigation across the entire care journey. In addition to managing state-of-the-art research and development laboratories, the company is dedicated to realizing its vision of establishing a 'Community as a Cancer Centre.' This involves serving one million patients annually by bridging accessibility and affordability gaps in cancer care through a digitally curated hub-and-spoke model, expanding beyond comprehensive centers to ensure broader access to quality cancer care.

"It is our continued goal to improve health outcomes for patients globally by expanding access to precision oncology and equipping local health institutions with the tools and technology needed to practice data-driven medicine. By aligning with Karkinos, who share the mutual goal, we can help increase the use of best-in-class cancer testing for rural and underserved communities around the world", said Dr. Jurgi Camblong, CEO and Co-founder, SOPHiA GENETICS.

On this strategic partnership, Dr. R Venkataramanan, Founder and CEO, Karkinos Healthcare said, "Through collaborative research initiatives, Karkinos Healthcare aims to address the comprehensive genomic landscape identification for the Indian population, with a focus on precision medicine. This alliance will have the potential to generate evidence and world-class research for faster and accurate diagnosis and better control and management of cancers, particularly for the underprivileged population of our country".

The SOPHiA DDM Platform is crafted to process an extensive range of genomic variants and continuously refine machine learning algorithms for the identification of rare and complex cases. Employing SOPHiA GENETICS' technology, Karkinos Healthcare aims to enhance its services, propel research initiatives, and optimize workflows across various blood cancers, including Myeloid cancer and Lymphoma. Furthermore, the company will conduct analyses on solid tumors associated with diverse cancer types such as ovarian, prostate, breast, pancreas, lung, colorectal, skin, and brain cancers. The SOPHiA DDM Platform provides customized NGS-based workflows to streamline processes, ensuring a swift transition from sample collection to report generation and expediting the analysis. Through the utilization of the SOPHiA DDM Platform, researchers at Karkinos Healthcare will swiftly access high-quality and reproducible data, ultimately accelerating clinical research studies and promoting the advancement of precision medicine.