Hinge Health Raises $8 Million to Tackle Musculoskeletal Disorders

si Team Hinge Health, a market leader in tackling musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, announces that it has received a fund worth $8 million in series A funding round by Atomico. The existing investor seed also joined this funding round. The company will use the fresh capital to expand its existing product offering, covering both chronic lower back and knee pain, to encompass new treatment programs for hip, shoulder, and neck pain. With this capital, Hinge Health will also focus on growing product and engineering teams in
London and San Francisco, and continue to expand its commercial footprint within the US. Earlier in 2016, the venture had raised $1.3 million from seed.

Post this investment, Carolina Brochado, Partner at Atomico will join Hinge Health’s board of director. “Hinge Health’s technology-enabled solution will bring consistent high-quality care to even the most remote places, and especially to those who might not have had access to it before. The company is a powerful example of showing strong commercial traction and its proven clinical outcomes helping those with MSK feel better, faster and avoid costly MRIs and surgery,” says Carolina.

Hinge Health, a San Francisco and London-based company uses technology to pioneer evidence-based digital care pathways for MSK conditions. The clinical outcome improvements, paired with the significantly reduced medical costs, are resulting in the quick adoption of company’s digital solutions by employers and health plans, especially in America, where chronic pain being the entry-point for many patients. The venture has been proven to reduce healthcare costs to employers by 50 percent and deliver best-practice care for employees. “Our vision to improve the scale, experience and ultimately outcomes for patients by using technology to better deliver evidence-based care, with MSK as our first beachhead,” asserts Daniel Perez, Co-founder & CEO, Hinge Health.