Gleneagles Global Hospitals Launches #TAKEITTOHEART Campaign on the Occasion of World Heart Day

si Team Gleneagles Global Hospitals (a Parkway Pantai Enterprise) launches #TAKEITTOHEART, a 360- degree campaign under their heart health initiative ‘LET IT BEAT’ on the occasion of World Heart Day 2017. This will be a month-long multi-channel campaign for World Heart Day. The mass awareness campaign will highlight the lesser known serious condition ‘Heart Failure’ and its various stages.

The concept behind the campaign #TAKEITTOHEART arises from many kinds of disappointments and disasters that one comes across in life and gets affected by taking them to the heart. The idea emerges from the customary response to a failure – “It’s okay. Don’t take it to heart.” The campaign urges people to not take things to heart expect heart failure, which should be taken seriously and treated through medical intervention. A progressively degenerative heart disease, heart failure is quite different from heart attacks or cardiac arrests.

The campaign weaves in various channels such as digital, radio, social welfare, and community health initiative and in-clinic communication to engage with maximum audiences across the country. Through videos and radio in-call shows, this campaign will urge people to share stories of characters in their lives who take to heart the smallest of hurdles or failures. The best story wins a free cardiac check-up at Gleneagles Global Hospitals.

Through the social welfare platform, the hospital aims to bring together the citizens of a particular city to save the heart of the city. An installation is the starting point for this leg of the campaign. A large heart, representing the heart of the city, will be put up at prominent locations in the city. People will be invited to write their message to the city, describing what they will do to not let it fail. The messages will be written on sheets of paper resembling a Band-Aid, which will be stuck to the heart.

Commenting on the campaign, Ramesh Krishnan, CEO India Operations Division, Parkway Pantai said, “Our endeavour at Gleneagles Global Hospitals has always been to create awareness around life threatening diseases and its causes. Through our nationwide campaign #TAKEITTOHEART, we aim to reach out to the masses and urge upon the need of not ignoring the initial symptoms of heart failure; a step towards saving oneself from serious heart ailments. Through our series of initiatives, our focus has been on creating a movement to promote healthy living; ensuring quality healthcare services.”
Dr Jagprag Singh Gujral, Group COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals said, "Considering the growing incidence and higher morbidity of heart failure patients compared to the Western world, there is a need for dedicated heart failure programs that provide end-to-end and comprehensive treatment modalities. We, at Gleneagles Global Hospitals, are committed to this cause through our patient-centric facilities, expert specialists and a track record of best-in-class outcomes."