Dvara Health Finance Partners with Zeno Health to Boost Rural Healthcare in India

Dvara Health Finance (DHF), a trailblazer in healthcare financing, has unveiled a transformative collaboration with Zeno Health with the mission of revolutionizing rural healthcare in India. The objective of this strategic partnership is to afford rural households convenient access to affordable, top-tier generic medications tailored for chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

DHF is pioneering a groundbreaking approach to reducing individual healthcare costs by integrating insurance, savings, and outpatient treatment into a single NEEM Account. This innovative initiative is further reinforced through a partnership with Zeno Health, a leading supplier of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals. This collaboration ensures that essential medications are not only affordably priced but also easily accessible.

Bindu Ananth, Founder & CEO of Dvara Health Finance, stated, "Our partnership with Zeno Health is a crucial step in our mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible in rural India. Together, we aim to alleviate the financial strain of healthcare on rural families and improve health outcomes".

The partnership's core relies on Zeno Health's provision of cost-effective, top-notch generic medications. With savings of up to 80% on drugs, this endeavor is poised to profoundly impact rural community members' lives. Moreover, the added convenience of doorstep delivery and monthly refills amplifies the significance of this collaboration.

Siddharth Gadia, Co-Founder of Zeno Health commented, "Joining hands with Dvara Health Finance allows us to extend our mission of accessible healthcare to rural India. We're committed to ensuring that high-quality healthcare is within the reach of every family, irrespective of their location". Anticipated to bolster DHF's capacity in managing chronic illnesses within rural regions, this collaboration aligns with DHF's overarching objective of delivering personalized financial and informational services to alleviate healthcare expenses for rural communities.