Metropolis Healthcare and Qritive Join Forces for AI Cancer Detection

Metropolis Healthcare Limited has made a groundbreaking decision that promises to revolutionize cancer diagnosis by partnering with QritiveTM, a Singapore-based AI solutions provider. This strategic collaboration seeks to reshape the field of cancer care by incorporating state-of-the-art AI technology into pathology processes.

Metropolis Healthcare, a leading diagnostic service provider in India, has a longstanding dedication to delivering accurate and prompt diagnoses. With the emergence of AI technology, the opportunity to elevate diagnostic precision and effectiveness has surged. By embracing Qritive's AI platform, notably the PantheonTM image management system, Metropolis intends to optimize cancer diagnosis procedures, prioritizing quality assurance and minimizing turnaround durations.

Mr. Surendran Chemmenkottil, CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Limited, emphasized the pivotal role of AI in modern healthcare, particularly in supporting pathologists and clinicians. He highlighted the potential for AI insights to expedite the diagnosis of various cancers, ultimately leading to more effective treatment decisions.

Dr. Kirti Chadha, Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Oncopathologist at Metropolis Healthcare, underscored the commitment to providing personalized cancer diagnoses for every patient. The integration of advanced AI technology empowers pathologists to deliver highly accurate results, facilitating swift prioritization of urgent cases and enhancing overall quality through AI-generated insights.

Clinical trials conducted by Qritive have showcased notable decreases in diagnosis duration and discrepancies among pathologists, resulting in heightened diagnostic precision and enhanced patient results. Mr. Bruno Occhipinti, CEO of Qritive, expressed satisfaction with the partnership with Metropolis Healthcare, emphasizing the revolutionary capacity of AI in bridging the divide in cancer care.

As a prominent developer of AI solutions, Qritive remains at the forefront of advancing digital pathology for cancer diagnosis, utilizing AI-driven solutions to enhance health results and assist clinicians in delivering high-quality care. The partnership between Metropolis Healthcare and Qritive signifies a noteworthy achievement in integrating AI technology into pathology processes, establishing a fresh benchmark in cancer diagnostics and reaffirming the dedication to excellence in healthcare.