• Dr. Pramod Kashid: A Visionary Leader in The Clinical Research Domain
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    Dr. Pramod Kashid: A Visionary Leader in The Clinical Research Domain

    Running a successful research program is analogous to running a business. Both rely on invention, teamwork, and a good reputation to succeed, but few young researchers are equipped to lead their teams when they embark on independent careers. One such seasoned professional who advanced his leadership skills early in his career in the realm of clinical research is Dr. Pramod Kashid. Dr. Kashid is clinical research professional who holds a master’s degree in pharmacy and a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science from NMIMS University, Mumbai. He is further pursuing an MBA at Said Business School, the University of Oxford, UK. On the professional front, Dr. Kashid started his career in 2004 as a CRA in one of the top multinational pharmaceutical companies. Later, he joined Syneos Health (formerly...

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